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Fall Guys Season 4 Adds "Creative Construction" Level Editing Mode!

Mediatonic has officially announced the launch of Fall Guys Season 4, set to release on May 10. This season's highlight is easily the addition of a brand new "Creative Construction" mode, allowing players to design their own custom Rounds and share them with the community.

Fall Guys Season 4 Promo
Image Credit: Mediatonic

Mediatonic unveiled Season 4 during a presentation today. In an interview, Mediatonic's creative director, Joe Walsh, said, "It’s been the single biggest change that we’ve made to the game, and it’s really exciting to finally give players the keys to the kingdom basically."

The introduction of Creative Construction mode marks a significant shift for Mediatonic. Moving forward, the developer's team will exclusively use the Creative tools to build levels for the game. This change will allow the team to launch more content than ever before, with over 50 rounds planned for release during Season 4 alone.

Another advantage of Creative Construction mode is the newfound ability to tweak levels over the air. This means that the developers will no longer need to push new updates live to fix bugs, a long-standing issue with the game. As a result, players can expect richer and more varied content in the future.

After completing a custom level and proving it's possible to finish, players will receive a share code to distribute to others. Mediatonic plans to curate the best and most popular Rounds in a weekly "sideshow," according to Walsh.

With the upcoming launch of Season 4 and the exciting addition of Creative Construction mode, Fall Guys is set to offer an even more engaging and entertaining experience for players. And, as a bonus, the game will be going free-to-play alongside its Nintendo Switch and Xbox release in June, with availability on the Epic Games Store next month.

Just like with Super Mario Maker, I can't wait to dive into the new season and explore the creative possibilities it brings - How about you?


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