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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Does NOT Use Your Old Remake Save

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Does NOT Use Your Old Remake Save
Not so fast there, gamer!

How "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" Changes the Game and Fans' Expectations

For fans eagerly awaiting the next step in the journey of Cloud and his comrades, Square Enix has finally shed light on the sequel to the much-celebrated "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Titled "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth," it promises to bring fresh, innovative changes, although not all of them are as expected.

In a recent interview with game director Naoki Hamaguchi, featured on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that players won't be able to transfer their game progress or character builds from "Remake" into "Rebirth."

The Continuation Conundrum: Can We Transfer Game Progress?

Q: Given this is a direct continuation of "Final Fantasy VII Remake," can players port over their save file and their character builds to continue their journey into "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth"?

Hamaguchi: Our vision for the "Final Fantasy VII" remake project was always clear: a trilogy where each entry stands alone. As each game is balanced independently, players' levels and abilities won’t transfer from one installment to the next. But as a nod to our dedicated fan base, those who've played the previous game will begin with a little extra in hand.

This "little extra" pertains to summon materia, a fan-favorite aspect of the "Final Fantasy" franchise. Players with saved data from the "Remake" on their PS5 will be granted the Leviathan summon. If they have data from the "Remake’s" DLC, "Episode Intermission," they'll receive Ramuh.

What's New in "Rebirth"?

The PlayStation Blog delves deeper into the new elements of the game:

  • Fresh materia additions that didn't feature in "Remake."

  • The much-anticipated Red XIII becomes playable, introducing a unique "revenge gauge" mechanic.

  • While the recent trailer teased fans with a look at Vincent Valentine, it remains uncertain if he will be controllable in combat.

  • Mini-games are expected to be abundant. Fans of the Gold Saucer - get ready!

  • Lastly, "Rebirth" might culminate in a monumental scene from the original 1997 PS1 game, though with a potential twist. Nomura hinted that the game's events would progress up to "The Forgotten Capital."

Looking Ahead

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" is slated for a PS5 release on February 29, 2024. As the middle installment of the trilogy, it sets high expectations for the final chapter. And while the title of the concluding game remains a mystery, clues from the "Rebirth" trailer might provide some hints to the keen observer.

As Square Enix reshapes a beloved classic, fans are left both exhilarated and speculative. Only time will tell if "Rebirth" lives up to its promise and legacy.


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