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Forza Motorsport is a DISASTER

Microsoft's Forza Release: A Racing Catastrophe

Microsoft's latest entry in the esteemed Forza franchise has faced a slew of backlash following its wide release yesterday...

Typically celebrated for its realism, smooth gameplay, and captivating graphics, the newest installment appears to be a far cry from its predecessors. Several players and reviewers have reported glaring issues with the game's performance and graphics, dubbing it an "unmitigated disaster."

Forza Motorsport is a DISASTER
Looks great, plays like shit

For a franchise that has consistently set benchmarks in racing simulation, this installment's performance has left many jaws dropped. A notable review from Destructoid further echoes these sentiments, painting a bleak picture for fans eagerly waiting for the latest Forza experience.

Friend of the channel, NerdCrave, gave the game a spin on his 3060 laptop, a machine capable of running the visually stunning Forza Horizon 5 at 4k60 without breaking a sweat. To his astonishment, the newest Forza stumbled to maintain a meager 15 fps at 1080p. This wasn't just a matter of lag or reduced frames. The game was riddled with massive graphical glitches that took away any semblance of immersion.

During our conversation, at one juncture, the entire race track morphed into what appeared to be a featureless mirror. His car seemed to be caught in some digital limbo, endlessly plummeting through the track. Such glitches would be disheartening in any game, but for a title under the prestigious Forza banner, it's downright shocking!

Drawing a retrospective comparison, Forza Motorsport 5, which graced our screens nearly a decade ago, seems to surpass this latest iteration both in terms of visual appeal and performance. The stark contrast between the two titles, separated by years of technological advancement, begs the question: How did Microsoft drop the ball so spectacularly with this release?

Forza Motorsport is a DISASTER
The community has spoken!

Community Feedback on the Latest Forza Release

Microsoft's newest installment in the Forza series has attracted a wave of feedback from the gaming community, and unfortunately, it's not the glowing praise many might have expected.

Performance and Gameplay Issues

  • Graphics and Performance: Multiple users noted significant graphical glitches. Some described tracks not loading properly, objects vanishing and reappearing, and even instances where they found themselves driving on invisible tracks. Comparisons were drawn to other infamous game releases with performance issues, notably "Cyberpunk 2077."

  • Physics and Driving Mechanics: Players reported that the game's physics felt off. Cars are plagued by understeer, making the driving experience feel unnatural. This is especially pronounced for those using a wheel setup.

  • AI Behavior: AI drivers in the game are described as aggressive to the point of recklessness, with some users expressing frustration at being "bodied" by AI drivers during turns.

Game Systems

  • Car Upgrade System: The new progression system, which requires players to level up individual cars to modify them, received mixed reactions. While some understood its intention to prolong game engagement, others felt it was a tedious departure from what made previous Forza games enjoyable.

  • Penalty System: The game introduces a penalty system to deter unsportsmanlike conduct during races. However, it's been described as inconsistently applied, with innocent parties receiving penalties while actual culprits go unpunished.

  • Career Mode: The career mode, in comparison to previous titles, was found lacking in substance. It's been compared unfavorably to the "Call of Duty trend" of underwhelming single-player experiences.

Positive Aspects

  • Graphics: Despite the glitches, some players acknowledged the game's graphical achievements, noting detailed tracks and impressive particle effects.

  • Multiplayer: Some users praised the core gameplay and multiplayer experience but expressed a desire for longer races.

Monetization and Release Strategy Concerns

  • Incomplete Game Feel: A sentiment shared by many is a longing for the days when games were shipped complete, without additional content locked behind paywalls.

  • Perceived Misleading Marketing: Some players felt misled by promotional trailers, feeling that they didn't accurately represent the final game's quality.

Overall Reception

  • The general consensus suggests that while the latest Forza has its merits, it's currently marred by technical issues and questionable design choices. Players expect more from such a prominent title, especially given its AAA status and the legacy of the Forza franchise.

As the gaming community continues to reel from this unexpected debacle, the onus is now on Microsoft to address these concerns promptly. With an illustrious lineage like Forza's, it's crucial for the tech giant to set things right, both for the brand's legacy and its loyal fan base.

While many hope that patches and updates might salvage the game, the initial release has certainly tarnished Forza's reputation. It serves as a potent reminder that in the ever-evolving world of gaming, even giants can falter if they don't stay attuned to quality and user experience.



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