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Game Industry Crash of 2024 Continues: EA Cancels Star Wars & Lays off 670

The Video Game Industry is crumbling in 2024... Electronic Arts (EA) has officially canceled the development of a much-anticipated Star Wars first-person shooter game at Respawn Entertainment. This project, which was publicly unveiled in 2022, was expected to be a significant addition to the Star Wars gaming universe, especially with Peter Hirschmann at the helm. Hirschmann, renowned for his influential roles at LucasArts and as a co-creator of the Medal of Honor series, brought a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the Star Wars lore, having contributed to the success of iconic titles such as the original Battlefront games and The Force Unleashed.

This cancellation coincides with the announcement of nearly 700 layoffs across EA, marking a challenging period for the company. Laura Miele, President of EA Entertainment, elaborated on the decision, stating that after a thorough review, the company has chosen to redirect Respawn's focus towards the Jedi and Apex Legends series. Miele commended Respawn's exceptional track record in engaging players and delivering compelling gaming experiences, highlighting that the shift is not a reflection of the Star Wars FPS team's talent or dedication but rather a strategic move to concentrate on projects tied to EA's proprietary brands and bolster support for existing titles.

The pivot away from the Star Wars FPS to prioritize owned brands underscores a significant realignment in EA's strategic approach, aiming to strengthen its core franchises and respond to the evolving preferences of its player base. While this decision represents a loss for Star Wars enthusiasts who were eagerly anticipating the game, it also signals EA's commitment to investing in and expanding its most successful series.

The cancellation news was further compounded by revelations from the Star Wars Jedi series. Actor Cameron Monaghan, known for his role in the series, announced at Ocala Comic Con last September that he was involved in a third installment, hinting at the ongoing commitment to the Star Wars Jedi narrative. However, the development landscape experienced another shake-up with the departure of Stig Asmussen, the visionary director behind the Star Wars Jedi games, from Respawn Entertainment. Despite his departure, Asmussen had previously expressed his ambition to conclude the series with a third game, suggesting an overarching narrative arc that fans hoped to see fulfilled.

The series of announcements has left the gaming community with mixed feelings. While the cancellation of the Star Wars FPS game is undoubtedly disappointing for fans looking forward to diving into another immersive experience within the beloved universe, the continued development of the Jedi series and the sustained focus on Apex Legends suggest that EA and Respawn are still committed to delivering high-quality, engaging content. As the gaming industry continues crashing, it will be interesting to see hwhat happens next...


Source: CNBC

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