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Gameboy Alert! Incube8 Games Acquires Greenboy Cartridge Games

In a strategic move to expand its library of retro handheld games, Incube8 Games, a retro game publisher and developer, has announced its acquisition of Greenboy Cartridge Games, a development studio exclusively dedicated to producing Game Boy titles.

The deal brings together two retro masters in the world of 8-Bits gaming and serves to strengthen Incube8 Games' commitment to preserving the gaming experience of classic consoles like the Game Boy.

Greenboy Cartridge Games, led by Dana Puch, has earned a reputation for developing exceptional Game Boy titles, thanks to its nostalgic visuals, challenging gameplay, and retro feel. The studio's dedication to the Game Boy console has won it critical acclaim and a loyal following. Its last two Game Boy games, The Shapeshifter 1 and The Shapeshifter 2, were successfully crowdfunded, raising a total of $145,000. The latter made history as the first-ever Game Boy game to be released on two cartridges, further cementing Greenboy Cartridge Games' position as industry pioneers.

incube8 Games Making Waves, Buys Acquires Greenboy Cartridge Games
incube8 Games Making Waves

The acquisition will see Incube8 Games adding 7 new Game Boy games to its portfolio, bringing the total number of IPs to 23 by the end of 2023. Greenboy Cartridge Games' original team will also be releasing the third and last episode of Shapeshifter, “The Shapeshifter 3.”

Incube8 Games founder and CEO, Olivier Lemire, expressed his enthusiasm about the deal, stating, "We are excited to welcome Greenboy Cartridge Games to the Incube8 Games line-up. These newly owned licenses, coupled with Incube8 Games' passion for retro gaming, will help us expand our portfolio and bring more high-quality retro games to our community."

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