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GameStop Clerk Shoots Shoplifter

In a shocking turn of events (well it's Florida, so...), a GameStop employee in Pembroke Pines, Florida has been charged with manslaughter following the fatal shooting of a shoplifter. Derrick Guerrero, a 33-year-old clerk at the store, is currently being held on $25,000 bail at the Broward County Jail.

The Incident - GameStop Clerk Shoots Shoplifter

GameStop Clerk Shoots Shoplifter
That's one way to prevent theft.

On Tuesday, October 17th in the evening, Guerrero was working at the video game retailer located in a suburban strip mall near Fort Lauderdale. According to police reports, a man entered the store and stole five boxes of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet "ultra-premium" trading cards, each priced at $120.

Guerrero reacted by pulling a handgun from his waistband and firing a single shot, which hit the man in the side. The injured shoplifter managed to leave the store and reached a waiting pickup truck, where a woman called the police. The man succumbed to his injuries and died three hours later at a hospital.

The Investigation

Security footage from the store revealed that the shoplifter did not make any threatening gestures toward Guerrero or display any weapons. Police have yet to release the name of the deceased.

GameStop Clerk Shoots Shoplifter
Guerrero's mug shot. No pics of the "victim" yet.

Florida's "stand your ground" law permits the use of deadly force under the threat of death or great bodily harm. However, it does not extend to protecting property alone. As a result, Guerrero's actions have led to a manslaughter charge, defined as an unplanned killing that occurs in the heat of the moment.

Legal and Corporate Responses

As of now, jail records have not indicated whether Guerrero has legal representation. GameStop, meanwhile, has yet to issue a public comment about the incident.

The event raises serious questions about the reasonable use of force, the responsibilities of retail employees, and the conditions under which "stand your ground" laws can be invoked... Not just for retail workers but for all who contemplate the use of deadly force as a means to protect property.


Shout out to the always incredible Radical Reggie for the tip on this story!

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