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Google SHADOWBANS DEIdetected

Friend of the channel, Kabrutus, a lifelong gamer passionate about making a positive impact on the gaming community, recently launched a website to have full control over content that delves into the inclusion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in video games. The site, DEIDetected, informs consumers about games influenced by DEI ideologies during development and spotlight "DEIFree" games that align with traditional gaming values without attempting to reeducate or influence perspectives. With a strong team and a growing following, Kabrutus plans on expanding the site's coverage to other media forms like movies and series, ensuring a broad and impactful reach... But things have taken a turn, thanks to big tech...

Searching for "deidetected" on Google yields no results for the website, a stark contrast to its visibility on other search engines like DuckDuckGo and Bing, where the site is easily accessible. This now raises serious concerns about Google's search neutrality and its potential role in censoring online content...

The sudden invisibility of on Google is alarming for several reasons. First, it suggests a selective filtration mechanism that isn't publicly disclosed or understood. While Google has often been at the center of discussions regarding search engine biases and the manipulation of search results to favor or suppress certain types of content, this instance is particularly questionable as it directly impacts the discoverability of a specific website... without any clear explanation or transparency.

What's troubling here is the visibility of Google’s criteria for indexing websites. If a site that previously appeared in search results suddenly disappears, what changed? ..and more importantly, why? Google’s algorithms are notoriously complex, making it difficult for the average user to understand why certain content is filtered out. This lack of transparency is problematic, not just from a technical standpoint but from a democratic perspective as well. The internet is often hailed as a free and open platform where information should be accessible to everyone. When a major gatekeeper like Google appears to selectively block access to a site, it contradicts this principle.

There is no recourse or explanation provided to users about why the content is no longer available. This unilateral decision-making process leaves users in the dark, creating distrust in Google's so called "commitment" to providing an unbiased and comprehensive search service.

This incident also prompts me to wonder the underlying motivations for such a decision. Is it driven by external pressures, regulatory considerations, or an internal agenda? The broader implications for freedom of expression and access to information are significant. If Google can unilaterally decide to block access to a website without accountability, what stops it from further controlling what we see and don't see?

It's crucial to call for greater accountability and transparency from companies like Google. Users deserve clear explanations about how their information is being filtered and accessed. Without this transparency, we risk turning the digital age into an era of controlled information, contrary to the original spirit of the open internet.

This whole thing makes me question what else might be happening behind the scenes at Google. Are there other sites being quietly filtered out of the search results? As someone who values the foundational principles of the internet—openness, neutrality, and freedom—this situation is deeply concerning and warrants further scrutiny and discussion.


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People need to stop using Google.


Maybe peoples need to go after google big time and hold them accountable for this Censorship crap


Google hides and censors the Truth and anything that is inconvenient for the system (global corporatocracy); or anything that goes against its Agenda.

They also like to keep sheeple distracted with "controlled dissidence", as long as the slaves still go to work, vote and pay taxes.

I started to find out when researching all the scientific data that refutes virology and the modern medical paradigm. But it isn't only Science, it's also History and every other discipline. IT GOES DEEP...

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