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Helldivers 2 Community Manager NIGHTMARE

The role of a Community Manager (CM) is fraught with challenges, as exemplified by the recent controversies surrounding Misty, the CM for Helldivers 2. This role, crucial for mediating between game developers and the player base, often becomes a lightning rod for criticism, especially during contentious updates or changes within the game...

Recently, Misty made headlines when she decided to delete her Twitter account amidst a storm of backlash over new policies requiring players to link their accounts to PlayStation Network. This move has sparked a debate about the responsibilities and pressures faced by Community Managers in the gaming industry. By deleting her account, Misty has abandoned her duty to manage community relations during a crisis... But that's what happens when you hire the wrong person for the job.

Community Managers like Misty are often under tremendous pressure to not only relay information but also absorb the brunt of community displeasure. They are expected to be the voice of the company, yet they must also empathize deeply with the community's concerns and frustrations. When policies that are beyond their control negatively impact the game's community, CMs find themselves in the crossfire, tasked with defending decisions they may not have been involved in making...

The backlash that prompted Misty's withdrawal from social media highlights a broader issue within online communities. It’s not uncommon for CMs to face severe harassment, including personal threats. This toxic environment can drive even the most dedicated professionals to step back for their mental and emotional well-being.

... Or in the case of the Helldivers 2 community manager known as "Spitz", became a focal point of controversy after sharply suggesting to a player to change their Steam review to negative as a form of protest.

Although Spitz later moderated his tone, he stood by his stance that players should express their displeasure where it counts—on Steam through reviews and refund requests, rather than venting on forums like Discord.

"I want people to make their displeasure known in a place where it might actually make a difference"

Spitz remarked, highlighting the potential impact of negative reviews and refund requests over mere angry posts online.

The sentiment was echoed by Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead, who lamented over the flood of negative reviews that shifted the game’s rating to "mixed." He acknowledged the community’s frustration, noting, "It sucks," and emphasized that the decision was solely on Sony.

In Misty's case, her decision to leave Twitter was likely influenced by an unsustainable level of negative interaction, which raises important questions about the expectations and support structures in place for people in such roles... And a quick look into her history of tweets would expose that she is exactly why she should NOT have been put in the position she was in the first place. Thx to @kabrutusrambo for these screenshots.

Helldivers 2 Community Manager NIGHTMARE

Helldivers 2 Community Manager NIGHTMARE

Helldivers 2 Community Manager NIGHTMARE

It's crucial to recognize that while the immediate reaction might be to view a CM's withdrawal from social media as unprofessional or as abandoning their post, the reality is often more complicated. The gaming community must consider the human element of community management. Balancing professional responsibilities with personal health is vital, and the industry needs to better support its CMs against the inevitable backlash they face in times of controversy... But at the same time, the video game industry in general needs to take some serious accountability for who they are hiring to put in these positions in the first place. It's a delicate balance and both sides share some blame here.


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