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Hugh Hefner's Heir Turns to OnlyFans to Buy Pokemon Cards

Hugh Hefner, the world-famous man who founded Playboy and redefined the publishing industry, is a name that resonates with many. The Hefner family Playboy legacy, steeped in an open-minded approach to sexuality and nudity, appears to be continuing with his son, Marston Hefner.

Marston, 33, recently revealed in an interview that he's utilizing OnlyFans, a platform typically known for its adult content, as a source of income to fund his passion for collecting Pokemon cards and comic books. He credits his late father's influence in helping him comfortably embrace his sexuality and step into the role of an OnlyFans creator.

"I joined it because I believe that there's nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality," Marston told Page Six. He described growing up in an environment where nudity was normalized, a sentiment that is clearly reflected in his current endeavors.

But it's not just about embracing the family's liberal philosophy. Marston's foray into the risqué business is driven primarily by his desire to fund his passion for collecting.

"I really like comic books, I really like Pokémon cards, I’m a collector… this is like a way for me to get some income so that I can buy that Pokémon card that I really want."

While Marston kept mum on his exact earnings from his OnlyFans content, he hinted that the venture was successful enough to enable him to acquire a Pokemon Trophy card—items known to fetch well into the six figures—very soon.

Hugh Hefner's Heir Turns to OnlyFans to Buy Pokemon Cards
That's a lotta Pika!

Marston's OnlyFans venture, however, hasn't been met with complete enthusiasm from his wife Anna. Although she isn't thrilled about his OnlyFans participation, Marston said that she values his pursuit of personal interests and risk-taking. He added that she encourages him to delve into the things he finds "interesting" and stated he would reciprocate the support if she ever decided to launch her own OnlyFans account.

As we see, the influence of Hugh Hefner's progressive attitude towards nudity and sexuality continues to manifest in unique ways in the lives of his progeny. Only time will tell how Marston's venture will play out in the longer term and what impact it might have on his pursuits in the world of Pokemon and comic book collecting.


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