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HyperMegaTech: A Retro Revolution by the Creators of Evercade

Blaze Entertainment, the folks behind the much-admired Evercade console series, has unveiled their latest venture: HyperMegaTech. This innovative new brand aims to merge the worlds of classic licenses and properties with modern design approaches, creating a nostalgic yet fresh experience for fans of video games, toys, board games, and consumer technology.

HyperMegaTech's mission is to bring top-notch, mass-market retro-styled products to the public, backed by officially licensed properties. By expanding their expertise beyond retro gaming, Blaze Entertainment now has the opportunity to make a significant impact on a variety of entertainment industries.

From their Official Press Release:

"Whilst video games make up a lot of the current activity for Blaze Entertainment in a public-facing way, product design and handling of properties that we license are not limited to retro gaming..."

"We will also be looking at developing products for modern properties either in a retro style or sensibility as well as reinvigorating the existing retro market."

Unlike other retro brands, HyperMegaTech collaborates directly with intellectual property (IP) holders to create officially licensed products. This partnership ensures the highest quality and authenticity in all HyperMegaTech offerings. Blaze Entertainment has teased an exciting future for the brand, with announcements of new products expected soon. The company has revealed that they are already collaborating with two major video game publishers to launch new licensed products under the HyperMegaTech banner later this year.

HyperMegaTech! FAQs

HyperMegaTech is poised to become a trailblazer in the world of nostalgia-driven products. By combining the best of retro and modern sensibilities, the brand promises to deliver a unique experience that will resonate with fans of all ages. With Blaze Entertainment's proven track record in the realm of retro gaming, there is no doubt that HyperMegaTech will make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and prepare to be amazed by the innovative creations that HyperMegaTech has in store. I'm PUMPED to see what they create next!

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Thx/Credit: Damien, TimeExtension

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