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Intellivision Amico is in 'Fire Sale' Mode: Phil Adam's Email a HUGE LIE

Is Phil Adam in charge of the Intellivision Amico Fire Sale?

In the volatile gaming industry, transparency is a lifeline. The recent email from Intellivision's CEO, Phil Adam, has left many industry insiders and fans grappling with uncertainties about the company's future. Adam's email outlining the future of the Intellivision Amico and its games teeters on optimism. However, recent revelations suggest a darker and more complex narrative.

Phil Adam Intellivision Amico Fire Sale
You can trust me. I wear a track jump suit.

Phil Adam in Charge of the Intellivision Amico Fire Sale?

The most shocking revelation since the email is a suspected 'fire sale' at Intellivision. In an alarming turn of events, two of Intellivision's most significant IPs, Astrosmash and Shark Shark, were reportedly acquired by BBG Entertainment in 2023. This seems to be a stark contradiction to the email’s optimistic tone about future partnerships and IP licensing. BBG even goes as far as to state they 'outright bought' the IPs, DIRECTLY contradicting the narrative that Adam had put forth.

There's an uncanny parallel between the recent developments at Intellivision and Phil Adam's past stint at Interplay. Another company with an infamous 'fire sale' distress move to sell off the company's intellectual properties and assets prior to announcing bankruptcy. It seems that history could be repeating itself with Adam once again at the helm, this time at Intellivision. If the conjectures are accurate, it would make sense for Intellivision to appoint someone with such a track record to oversee the sale of their assets. Adam's potential experience with managing Interplay's liquidation before declaring bankruptcy might be seen as an asset by Intellivision's higher-ups as they navigate these challenging waters. If this is indeed the path that Intellivision is headed down, one could argue that they've placed the dissolution of the company in experienced hands.

Evading Truth or Mere Oversight?

This raises the question of whether Phil Adam was truly transparent in his email. Was the omission of this critical information a deliberate evasion of the truth, or a mere oversight? Given the significance of Astrosmash and Shark Shark to the Intellivision Amico’s lineup, it's hard to believe that such an important development would simply "slip through the cracks", but then again, this is Intellivision we're talking about...

Amico Games on Other Platforms

The news of BBG intending to port the Amico versions of Astrosmash and Shark Shark to platforms like the Switch, Xbox, and Steam adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. Despite the games being removed from BBG's website, videos of these games were still found on their YouTube channel. The apparent contradiction between this and Adam's claims of focusing on Intellivision's "living room experience" is puzzling, to put it nicely.

Phil Adam Intellivision Amico Fire Sale
Screen cap in case they delete these as well..

The fact that a modern controller can be seen on-screen in the Shark Shark video further intensifies the confusion. This seems inconsistent with the promised "innovative physical and smartphone controllers" for the Amico experience that Adam highlighted in his email.

The Bigger Picture

This alarming narrative continues with the news with the M Network, and that Intellivision has sold the M Network games and the brand to Atari. These series of sales seem to suggest a liquidation strategy might be at play, raising questions about the company’s solvency and future. This is in stark contrast to the hopeful outlook provided in Adam's email, suggesting an intentional avoidance of the looming issues.

What Next for Intellivision?

Phil Adam's email portrayed an image of a company that was restructuring and refocusing its efforts. However, the contradictory actions suggest a company possibly facing a financial crisis and resorting to selling off key assets. While we can only speculate about the reasons behind these decisions, it is clear that the email may have left out critical information about the future of Intellivision and the Amico.

Lying by omission is a real thing, Phil.

These events underscore the importance of transparency in the gaming industry. For the gaming community's trust, it is crucial that Intellivision provides clearer and more honest communication about its operations and plans. Only then will the cloud of doubt be lifted, allowing the gaming community and investors to anticipate the Amico's future with informed optimism. Until then, we are left to speculate.


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