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Intellivision Faces Backlash Over Shady Amico Home Refund Policy

Intellivision's handling of the Amico Home "Free" games has raised eyebrows and stirred controversy among its customers. The company's recent approach to refunds for the Amico console preorders has been seen as particularly questionable.

They've implemented a policy where if a customer wants to potentially ask for their $100 refund down the road, if they, for example, claim two "free" games, each hypothetically valued at $15, they would then only be entitled to a $70 refund. This move has been interpreted as an attempt by Intellivision to minimize the amount they need to reimburse by enticing customers with free game downloads.

This strategy is being scrutinized as a potentially shrewd tactic to reduce refund liabilities. The perceived value of these "free" games is also being questioned, with critics arguing that the games lack tangible value and should not be priced at $15, but rather closer to $3. This sentiment reflects a broader skepticism about the true worth of these offerings, and that Intellivision is intentionally listing the prices sky-high as a way to get rid of owing customers who preordered an Amico console anything in the future.

Adding to the controversy, John Alvarado, the man credited with developing these games at Intellivision, mentioned that games like Side Swipers and Shark Shark are not yet available on Amico Home due to being rejected by Google. This information adds another layer of complexity to the situation, further casting doubt on the quality and availability of the games offered.

Phil Adam, the CEO of Intellivision, has taken a hands-on approach to address this confusion. He has been personally responding to customer inquiries on the Intellivision Facebook page, a move that is beyond unusual for a CEO and highlights the ridiculousness of the situation. Adam's direct involvement in these discussions could be seen as an effort to manage the growing dissatisfaction and confusion among their customer base... But let's be honest, any goodwill that was given over the past two years has been lost and no benefit of the doubt exists with this company anymore.

Intellivision's strategy regarding the Amico Home "Free" games and the associated refund policies is being viewed with skepticism. The company's approach, seen by many as a way to circumvent full repayment of preorder cancellations, is causing frustration and distrust among its customers, raising serious questions about its business practices and transparency. These games were supposed to be a 'bonus' to preorders, but now, in turn, are giving customers something completely different from what they asked for and are being penalized for accepting the "gift".


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