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Jirard The Completionist Officially Removed From Another Game

Fan Projects and Ethical Stances: The Removal of Jirard 'The Completionist' Khalil from a Mario ROM Hack

In yet another striking development within the gaming community, Jirard Khalil, known as The Completionist, has been removed from a fan-made ROM hack, originally inspired by the Super Beard Bros. Let's Play series on YouTube. This decision, deeply rooted in recent controversies surrounding Khalil, was shared directly with Smash JT directly by the creator of the ROM hack via email, who has voiced both disappointment and ethical concerns regarding Khalil's actions.

Continued Fallout: The Removal of Jirard from 'Sea of Stars'

This recent development with the ROM hack is not an isolated incident for Jirard 'The Completionist' Khalil. It follows a similar pattern to his earlier removal from "Sea of Stars," a major indie title that had previously featured him. This earlier case, covered in depth in a previous article and video, marked the beginning of what appears to be a growing trend of distancing from Jirard in the gaming community. "Sea of Stars," being a prominent indie game, set a significant precedent in the industry. The decision to remove Jirard from this title was a strong statement on the expectations and standards held by game developers and the community at large regarding ethical conduct and transparency, especially in relation to charitable endeavors. The ripple effect of these actions demonstrates the weight of public opinion and the impact it can have on a content creator's collaborations and representations in the gaming world.

A Passion Project Turned Ethical Stand

Back in 2014, an avid fan of Jirard's work developed "Super Beard Bros. the Game," a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros. for the NES, featuring Jirard and Alex Faciane as playable characters. This creation was a homage to their Let's Play series and an expression of admiration for their content. However, the unfolding drama around Indieland and The Open Hand Foundation, charities associated with Jirard, has led to a drastic shift in the creator's stance.

The Crux of the Controversy

The root of this decision lies in allegations that Jirard's charity, The Open Hand Foundation, held onto donations for nearly a decade without distributing them. This revelation has not only disappointed fans but also raised serious ethical questions about the management of charitable funds. The creator of the ROM hack, once a supporter, has expressed a loss of respect for Jirard, citing these allegations as the primary reason for the decision to remove his likeness from the game.

Beyond Cancel Culture: A Different Level of Accountability

While the term 'cancel culture' is often thrown around in similar scenarios, the creator of this ROM hack emphasizes that their decision is not about canceling Jirard but rather taking a stand on a moral issue. The act of holding charity funds without proper distribution is seen as a betrayal of public trust, especially for a public figure with a significant following.

A Revised Vision for the ROM Hack

As a result of this controversy, the creator has decided to rebrand the ROM hack. It will no longer be associated with Super Beard Bros. and will evolve into a more challenging version of a Mario ROM hack, now titled: "Super Mario Bros. - No Skipping Edition". This shift not only distances the project from the controversy but also allows the creator to redefine their work independent of the personalities it once celebrated.

A Call for Direct Action

In light of these events, the creator has a recommendation for future donors: to contribute directly to causes rather than through third-party organizations like The Open Hand Foundation. This advice aims to ensure that donations reach their intended destinations without unnecessary delay or mismanagement.

Ethics and Influence in the Gaming Community

This incident with Jirard 'The Completionist' Khalil and the subsequent removal of his likeness from a fan-made project highlights the complex interplay between public figures and their fan base. It serves as a reminder of the ethical responsibilities held by content creators, particularly those who venture into charitable work. For the gaming community, it's a poignant example of how ethical considerations can reshape fan projects and the relationships between creators and their audience.


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