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Jirard The Completionist Plays Victim Card in Leaked Discord Message to G4

The recent controversy surrounding Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil and the Open Hand Charity has led to a significant backlash within the online community. A deep dive into a particular Reddit post about a leaked message on the G4 Discord server reveals a pervasive sentiment that Jirard is adopting a victim mentality in response to the allegations against him.

  1. Accusations of Gaslighting and Victim Mentality: Many users have accused Jirard of typical gaslighting tactics, criticizing his approach to handling the situation. There's a general consensus that he's playing the victim, a stance evident in comments like "It's a classic victim mentality," and similar sentiments echoed across multiple posts.

  2. Skepticism About His Future Actions: Discussions are rife with skepticism about Jirard's future involvement in charity events or foundations. While some users pointed out that he announced stepping away from the foundation, others are doubtful, speculating whether he would continue to participate in such activities, given his past behavior.

  3. Critique of His Public Responses: Jirard's public responses, particularly his "My Response" video, have been heavily critiqued. Users feel that these responses lack sincerity and accountability, with comments like "He's just trying to get sympathy" and "He needs to just come out and admit full fault" dominating the discussion.

  4. Opinions on Legal and Ethical Accountability: There's a debate about the extent of Jirard's legal and ethical accountability. While some argue he should admit full fault, others point out the legal ramifications of such an admission. The community is divided on whether Jirard should face legal consequences or if a sincere apology would suffice.

  5. Disappointment in Handling the Situation: A common thread among the posts is disappointment in how Jirard has handled the situation. Comments indicate a sense of betrayal and frustration, with users expressing that a more straightforward, honest approach from Jirard could have mitigated the situation.

  6. Concerns Over Emotional Manipulation: Several posts accuse Jirard of emotional manipulation, alleging that he's using the controversy to garner sympathy. This perception is further fueled by his language in public statements, which some users interpret as attempts to minimize his responsibility.

  7. Impact on His Online Reputation: The controversy has undoubtedly impacted Jirard's reputation online. The sentiment leans heavily toward disappointment and frustration, with many expressing a loss of trust and respect for him.

The community's reaction to Jirard's handling of the charity controversy is overwhelmingly negative. Accusations of playing the victim and big-time gaslighting, coupled with a perceived lack of accountability and transparency, have significantly damaged his standing within the community. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Jirard will navigate this crisis and whether he can regain the trust he once had.


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