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Karl Jobst Claims SERIOUS Damning Evidence Vs Jirard The Completionist and The Open Hand Foundation

The biggest story in YouTube gaming for 2023 continues... YouTuber Jirard The Completionist has found himself in a rather delicate situation. Known for his entertaining videos completing videogames and his charity streams since 2014, Jirard was supposedly fundraising for "The Open Hand Foundation." However, it turns out he may have been unknowingly misappropriating donations.

This came to light after Karl Jobst noticed something amiss. According to Karl on his discord, the entire situation gets a whole lot worse.

Jirard The Completionist has been silent since the initial conversation with Karl and Muta (SomeOrdinaryGamers). The pressure has been building.

Karl suggests that the current situation may be far more serious than initially perceived. He alluded to the possibility of legal consequences, including jail time, for Jirard and his family members associated with "The Open Hand Foundation."

This charity, established by Jirard's father and ostensibly dedicated to dementia research in memory of Jirard's late mother, who succumbed to the illness, is now shrouded in controversy, casting doubt on its stated mission and activities.

More videos on the topic here:

Stay tuned for updates. This all feels like it is just getting started...


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