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Kotaku Offices Are An Insane Asylum

...and the inmates are running the show.

In recent years, the role of journalists and the extent of their influence have sparked significant debate. Exhibit A of this can be seen in the actions and 'acceptable' workplace culture at Kotaku, a once popular gaming news site (long ago, I know) turned political propaganda machine. The intersection of personal and professional boundaries there has raised concerns about the ethical implications of modern journalism... But it gets worse. Way worse.

A recent incident involving Kotaku writer Alyssa Mercante has brought these concerns to the forefront. Mercante, unprovoked, contacted my wife via social media DM's in an attempt to ruin my marriage. 3 das later, she still has a job there and Kotaku still has not publicly commented on the situation, even after I had reached out to them.

Kotaku Offices Are An Insane Asylum

This approach not only crossed a line you never ...ever should cross when having an online discussion but has devolved into even more threats by others who occupy Kotaku's hallways.

Supporting Mercante, Tina Snow Aegyo, a former associate coworker at Kotaku, Tweeted:

"If someone makes a goofy YouTube video about me, you bet I'm emailing his wife—that's a promise."

This statement suggests a retaliatory tone that blurs the lines between personal vendetta and professional reporting... and while she no longer works at Kotaku, it sheds light on the type of person they hired over the years...

Further complicating the matter, Carolyn Petit, a male activist cosplaying as a woman journalist who IS currently at Kotaku, (try and keep up, I know, it can be confusing to someone with a rationale outlook on life) commented:

"lmao sorry y'all but if a wife finding out about what her husband is openly, publicly up to on the internet might 'ruin their relationship,' it's not the 'letting her know the vile shit he's doing' that's the moral problem here. y'know what is? SPOILERS: it's the vile shit he's doing."

This remark seems to justify the intrusion into personal lives by framing it as a moral obligation. These people are certifiably insane. Carolyn also contributes to FeministFrequency, a DEI-funded project by Anita Sarkeesian.

These incidents collectively raise questions about the culture within Kotaku and whether it aligns with the ethical standards expected of journalistic institutions. The implications are significant, touching on the responsibility of media outlets to maintain a clear boundary between public interest journalism and private matters.

look, it's simple: making a woman the target of large-scale harassment and death threats and profiting off of youtube videos denigrating her are all a-okay, and if she responds in any way but silently taking it, that's simply unacceptable.

The actions of Kotaku's staff, as described, suggest a possible endorsement of these practices at higher levels of management, which could reflect on the broader operational ethics of the outlet.

As media consumers, it is crucial to scrutinize not just the content but also the context and methods of journalistic practices. The blending of personal judgment and professional responsibilities at Kotaku calls for a reevaluation of what ethical journalism should represent in the digital age. While journalists have the right to report and critique public figures and their actions, maintaining respect for personal boundaries is equally vital.

It remains to be seen how Kotaku will address these internal challenges and whether there will be any shifts in their journalistic approach or editorial policies. As the landscape of media continues to evolve, the balance between reporting and respecting individual privacy will undoubtedly remain a critical topic of discussion.

Kotaku needs to end. Now. Sign the petition and make your voice heard!

Shoutout to @MasteroftheTDS for the screenshots and heads up on this insanity!


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Dude, you know these psychos are going to become even more unhinged after this video! And I'm here for it 🙌🏽

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