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Mario Maker 2: How To Play Local Co-Op Multiplayer

Mario Maker 2 is out now on the Nintendo Switch. While the game is an absolute blast, there are some confusing aspects that an instruction manual would have worked wonders. For one, attempting to play a local multiplayer co-op mode is far more confusing that it ever needed to be. Follow these steps below if you’re having the same trouble many people initially did!

To play local co-op multiplayer:

1) Choose ‘Course World’ and download a stage into an empty save slot.

2) Press the (+) button on your controller to open the Coursebot.

3) Select the course you want to play in either "My Courses" or "Downloaded Courses."

4) Select the "Play Together" tab (it’s tucked away on the right side of the screen).

5) Activate the controllers you‘ll be using.

and... Ta-Daaaa! You are now finally playing local multiplayer co-op in Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch. Wow, that was a bit more complicated than it ever needed to be, and the requirement to download a course first before you’re allowed to play local co-op multiplayer is an unnecessary evil.

Hopefully, it gets a bit more streamlined and menu navigation gets an update to fix some of these complications in the future, but for now, enjoy some local multiplayer co-op in Super Mario Maker 2!

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