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Microsoft Accidentally Leaks New Series X Console and Controller

Microsoft's 2024 Vision: A Sneak Peek at the Revamped Xbox Series X

The gaming world is abuzz with the latest leaks surrounding Microsoft's plans for the Xbox Series X in 2024.

Microsoft Accidentally Leaks New Series X Console and Controller

A recent unintentional disclosure in the FTC v. Microsoft documents unveiled Microsoft's roadmap for their gaming console, highlighting some groundbreaking innovations on the horizon

Revolutionary Design Overhaul

Codename: Brooklin. This refresh of the Xbox Series X is not just about performance tweaks but an entirely new design perspective. Unlike the existing boxy design, the new console sports a cylindrical aesthetic. And in a notable move to cater to the digital age, Microsoft has decided to ditch the disc drive in this version.

Under the Hood

Beyond the eye-catching design, Brooklin brings with it notable internal upgrades:

  • Storage gets a boost, moving from the standard 1TB to an impressive 2TB.

  • A convenient USB-C front port has been added, which also supports power delivery.

Enter Sebille: A Redesigned Gaming Marvel

The controller is where things truly start to get interesting. Codenamed Sebille, this gamepad is expected to be unveiled later this year and promises to redefine the gaming experience. Some of its standout features include:

  • An integrated accelerometer for gyro support.

  • A visually appealing two-tone white/black design that's clearly distinguishable from above.

  • Enhanced connectivity options, ranging from direct cloud connection, Bluetooth 5.2, to an upgraded "Xbox Wireless 2" connection.

  • For those craving tactile feedback, the controller boasts "precision haptic feedback," with an innovative feature where the VCA haptics also double up as speakers.

  • Ease-of-use improvements like quieter buttons and thumbsticks.

  • An eco-friendly rechargeable and swappable battery.

  • Modularity gets a nod with customizable thumbsticks, allowing gamers to adapt the controller to their preferences.

  • An intuitive "lift to wake" feature.

Performance Upgrades

Diving deeper into the console’s mechanics, Microsoft is set to integrate Wi-Fi 6E support and a Bluetooth 5.2 radio in the upcoming Xbox Series X. The existing die will also undergo a size reduction to 6nm, aimed at amplifying efficiency. Further green credentials are exhibited with the PSU power set to see a 15% reduction, ensuring that the console is both powerful and eco-friendly.

While fans might expect a premium for all these enhancements, Microsoft has their sights set on maintaining the launch price at a familiar $499.

Refreshing the Xbox Series S

Microsoft's ambitions don't end with the Series X. The Xbox Series S is also slated for a refresh, incorporating features like Wi-Fi 6E support, Bluetooth 5.2, and the revolutionary Sebille controller.

Future Aspirations

While the leaks have given us an extensive look at Microsoft's plans for 2024, the company's longer-term vision up to 2030 hints at the potential of console customization through their Xbox Design Lab program. It's important to note, however, that this initiative isn't yet fully funded. Talk of a new Elite controller also makes an appearance, suggesting that it might benefit from the same upgrades as Sebille.

In terms of the timeline, my best guess from these leaks is that gaming enthusiasts can anticipate the Xbox Series S refresh in September 2024, closely followed by the revamped Xbox Series X in November.

With these disclosures, it's evident that Microsoft is heavily invested in reshaping the future of gaming. Gamers, brace yourselves; 2024 promises to be an exhilarating year in the Xbox universe!

And yes, Microsoft Accidentally Leaks a New Series X Console and Controller.


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