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Microsoft Console Wraps Latest Craze for Xbox Series X Gamers

Today, Microsoft has unveiled its latest offering for Xbox Series X enthusiasts. Coming soon are three distinctive "Console Wraps," aimed at elevating the aesthetic appeal of the gaming console without compromising its functionality. Fans can eagerly anticipate the Starfield, Arctic Camo, and Mineral Camo designs, all available for pre-booking starting now.

The Starfield Console Wrap, priced at $49.99, will make its debut on October 18th. It features a futuristic white design with intricate surface graphics that add a tactile sensation. Styled to resemble an avionic module's interface, this wrap includes graphic details reminiscent of the in-game universe, complete with access panel outlines highlighting the console's core components.

The finishing touch is the vibrant Constellation ribbon, accompanied by a gleaming bronze Constellation emblem, ensuring the Xbox Series X looks ready to embark on interstellar journeys. This particular design will be available in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Meanwhile, the Arctic and Mineral Camo designs, both tagged at $44.99, will be launched on November 10th. These wraps sport a woodland camouflage motif with the Arctic Camo presenting a subtle grey and white scheme, and the Mineral Camo splashing vibrant shades of blue and purple. Designed to resonate with the signature Xbox woodland camo pattern, these wraps have a soft external microfiber fabric, complemented by an inner sheen with a silicone camo imprint. The Mineral Camo design will also make its way to Europe alongside its US and Canada release.

A standout feature of these wraps is their meticulous design ensuring a snug fit for the Series X console (see tweet above for video breakdown). With detailed attention, the wraps ensure clear ventilation and incorporate tiny feet at the base for optimal air circulation. Constructed with robust core panels enveloped in high-tech fabric, they are fastened securely with a hook and loop mechanism. An interior silicone pattern guarantees the wrap remains firmly in place.

Highlighting their commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness, Microsoft has shared that these wraps are intended to offer a reasonably priced and eco-friendly alternative to buying limited edition or special edition consoles... Plus let's be honest - this is far more affordable.

While the concept of customizable "Console Wraps" for the Xbox Series X is intriguing in theory, the current designs on offer may not resonate with everyone's tastes. The Starfield, Arctic Camo, and Mineral Camo, though innovative, might not strike a chord with a broad spectrum of gamers looking for a more personalized or diverse aesthetic (the camo is pretty generic IMHO). However, this initiative is still in its infancy, and the future could hold a myriad of more exciting and eclectic designs. Expanding the palette with a wider range of options could potentially cater to a broader audience and truly capitalize on the appeal of customization.

While the current focus remains on these three designs for 2023, there's anticipation about more innovative wraps in the pipeline. As for the Series S enthusiasts, there's a hopeful buzz that their console might be the next in line to receive this trendy makeover.


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