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Modder Revives Zelda's Adventure (CD-i) on the Game Boy

Revisiting Nintendo's Dark World

Zelda meme
The only thing iconic from these games was this meme

In the early 90s, Nintendo experienced a less than stellar period when they licensed their intellectual property to Philips for use on the CD-i platform. This resulted in the creation of new Mario and Legend of Zelda titles, developed by teams that were entirely unrelated to Nintendo.

Zelda's Adventure on CD-i
If you look hard enough, you can almost see a game

With minimal input from the gaming giant, these titles failed to live up to the quality and standards fans had come to expect from their favorite franchises.

Among the ill-fated CD-i Zelda games, Zelda's Adventure has been widely regarded as the better of the two. However, this is hardly a compliment, as like all CD-i titles, they were plagued with poor quality and lackluster gameplay.

These games have remained largely unplayed by Zelda fans, and for good reason.

A New Lease on Life for Zelda's Adventure on Game Boy

Despite Nintendo's desire to erase this dark chapter from their history, one dedicated hacker and modder, John Lay, saw potential in Zelda's Adventure. By using the beloved Game Boy title, Link's Awakening, as a foundation, Lay has masterfully reimagined and rebuilt Zelda's Adventure for the portable console. The music is all-too-familiar, alongside the graphics. The result is a homemade demake that offers a much more visually modest rendition of the original, while providing a vastly improved gameplay experience.

Lay's passion for the Zelda franchise shines through in this ambitious project, as he takes a poorly executed game and transforms it into a more respectable experience for fans to enjoy. Although the graphics have been scaled down to match the capabilities of the Game Boy, the gameplay mechanics have been tweaked and polished, ensuring a more enjoyable experience that is more in line with the quality that Zelda fans expect.

A Chance for Redemption

Zelda's Adventure in Browser
Play Zelda's Adventure in your browser!

For those who have never had the misfortune of playing the original CD-i titles, or for those who may be curious to see how Zelda's Adventure has been revitalized, John Lay's Game Boy remake offers a unique opportunity.

Zelda's Adventure Game Boy
The Zelda's Adventure we deserved!

While it may never become an official part of the Zelda canon, this demake serves as a testament to the passion and dedication of the gaming community, proving that even the darkest chapters in a franchise's history can be transformed into something worth playing. You choose to either play it directly in your browser or download it to play on your PC right HERE. Feels like we are entering a new 'Golden Age' of gaming thanks to such an incredible community of talented retro-modders! ~Smash

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