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Nick Calandra & Crew Begin Smear Campaign Against 8-Bit Eric

Come on, Nick. Stop it. I'm tired of this shit. We all are...

Nick Calandra Begins Smear Campaign Against 8-Bit Eric
A sad, sad little man...

Aren't you the one always begging to get back to talking about games? Weird, because today, unprovoked, out of the blue, you showed your true colors once again... That you love the drama. The attention fuels you. It gives you motivation. For what?

Who the fuck knows... But the end result you're aiming for isn't a good one.

The landscape of the gaming community has hit a dirt road filled with malicious potholes, and the potency of online platforms can often feel like a post-apocalyptic world where scavengers are looking for trouble around every turn. Recent events involving Nick Calandra and 8-Bit Eric highlight a continued trend where people like Nick Calandra of Second Wind and his social media crew is wielded as a weapon, leading to potential detrimental personal and professional consequences.

Nick Calandra, a once promising career turned now infamous figure within the leftist 'woke' gaming community, has recently (yet again) ignited a controversial campaign against another community member, 8-Bit Eric, who is also known for his contributions to gaming and his involvement in a wrestling camp - his life's passion.

Eric made a video covering the allegations Nick levied his way:

In a clear-cut case of targeting, Calandra's allegations focus sharply on Eric's online behavior and public statements about women, suggesting they render him unsuitable for roles involving close interactions with children, particularly young women. Now hearing the surrounding circumstances, one would think Eric was a horrible human being, but taking a look at the evidence presented, shows nothing but an attempt at a smear campaign.

In a series of tweets, Calandra stated:

  • "As a reminder, Eric runs wrestling camp classes for kids, including young women, and this is how he talks about women publicly online. He should be nowhere near children in any capacity."

  • "Since @8biteric has made multiple videos about me, defaming and smearing me... let's have a look at what an absolute creep this guy is and his thoughts about women shall we, using all of his own words. Sorry in advance for putting this on your feed today."

  • "I'm sure the parents of the children you get to physically interact with at a wrestling camp would have something to say to you about how you talk about women online. I don't have to twist anything to make you look like the creepy asshole that you are."

These statements, particularly aggressive in tone, suggest a deeper narrative beyond mere disagreement or criticism. They touch on a sensitive and explosive intersection of professional integrity, personal behavior, and public perception.

The "go after their source of income" strategy of Calandra comes back to center stage once again. Those that have been following the events would recognize how I was once targeted by Nick and his followers for a short while before failing miserably and ultimately moving on. Instead of taking the L and realizing how awful he was for dogwhistling to get me fired from an old job, Nick has decided to brush the dust off, lick his wounds, and regroup to begin a campaign once again, this time, against 8-Bit Eric.

Don't make me tap that Nick Calandra Discord sign, Nick...

Nick Calandra & Crew Begin Smear Campaign Against 8-Bit Eric
Who thinks like this?

But here's the thing - it isn't just a personal attack—it's a call to action against Eric's livelihood. This tactic raises several ethical and moral questions about the boundaries of criticism and personal vendetta in the digital age. Engaging an audience to participate in a cancel campaign not only impacts the individual targeted but also sets a precarious precedent for conflict resolution within the community. Not to mention the all too flippant subtle undertone accusations of pedophilia. WTF?

UPDATE: As I was writing this article, Eric tweeted that they have now contacted his place of work, as expected:

This was all too expected - classic tactic to cancel and silence anyone who has a stance that opposes theirs. It's vital we recognize the responsibilities that come with influence and platform in the digital sphere.

These kinds of actions lead to harm that extends beyond the virtual world and into the very real lives of individuals. The community's response should be measured and vigilant, advocating for accountability while guarding against the normalization of smear campaigns as a method of dispute resolution. Here's the full message shared by 8-Bit Eric:

Eric accuses John Phipps as the one who sent the email to his company, to which John vehemently denies. One can't help but question and be curious about how the email that was sent at 2am to Eric's company had the same exact time stamps mentioned as the ones John mentioned in his tweet later on in the day, before the email came to light...

As the we navigate these complex issues, and hate-fueled drama injected into the community by people like Nick Calandra, one overarching lesson remains clear: the power of words is immense, and their impact, when wielded irresponsibly, can be disproportionately destructive.

It's a reminder to all, influencers and followers alike, that the ethical dimensions of digital engagement demand careful consideration and a commitment to fairness and integrity.

Let's all try to be better than this, Nick. Remember - with great power, comes great responsibility.

Some people, just weren't meant for it.


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Wow, will Nick and his Mentally ill ilk ever learn their lesson that when you choose to cross that line of taking bad actions in the REAL world, there are gonna be serious consequences and 8-Bit could easily go after these Retards and ruin their lives and he'd have every right to do it because they tried to fuck him over. It's time to fight fire with fire with these Mental Fucktards

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I've gotta agree with this.

One of the reasons wokies threaten violence so often is they've never crossed paths with a real monster. Pampered and protected, cause and effect became a myth.


Do employers still listen to leftists complaining?

Gotta think most of them just chuckle out an 'ok buddy,' disregard the lunatics and get right back to business.

Smash JT
Smash JT
Jul 03
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Leftist employers potentially


Nick talks about people defaming him idk how that works since all the things people are saying about him are his public tweets and discord messages yet here he is defaming 8bitEric by insinuating he is a pedophile for saying he likes country girls

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