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Nick Calandra Just Can't Help Himself...

Nick Calandra And The Continued Ignorance Of His Online Harassment.

Nick Calandra Just Can't Help Himself
We will never forget who you really are, Nick.

Time for me to grift, right Nick?

In the wild world of the video game industry, public figures like Nick Calandra stick out like a sore thumb and often find themselves at the heart of intense scrutiny. Nick tries his best to be known for an outspoken stance on the harassment culture in the gaming industry, but ironically, he constantly fails to look inward and see the reality of how it's himself that enters the exact pitfall he warns others about.

He just can't help himself.

Nick recently made headlines on Twitter with a series of tweets that both condemned the toxic environment, and outlined the personal toll it takes on developers. The lack of introspection and self-awareness going on with him is truly a sight to behold...

Nick Calandra Just Can't Help Himself
Misdirection. Hey everyone look over there!

Nick Calandra Just Can't Help Himself
Pot meet Kettle.

Nick Calandra's Perspective on Harassment

Nick Calandra of Second Wind continues to dig a hole. He constantly bemoans how toxic social media is and how he needs to take breaks to get away from it… but I'd argue that the reason he’s so stressed out about it is from his own doing. He’s in over his head, being a part of Second Wind, an influential voice in gaming media. He's using that association to voice 'serious concerns' about the negative impact of online harassment on developers.

Through his tweets, Calandra highlights a grim reality through the lens of his own eyes: talented developers are leaving social platforms, or even the industry altogether, due to incessant online abuse. But this in of itself isn't necessarily what is occurring. I've seen quite the opposite, where many folks in the industry have reached out to me directly and thanked me for my coverage of the ongoing nonsense plaguing the video game industry by folks like Nick.

This harassment doesn't stop at Twitter; according to Nick, it extends into personal emails, social media accounts, and even attempts to threaten personal safety through doxing. Calandra's portrayal of the situation paints a dire picture where creators are constantly attacked on all fronts, stifling creativity and expression.

But... Nick... My guy... Make no mistake...

The things that you have done recently make those accusations pale in comparison.

Nick Calandra Just Can't Help Himself
Echo Chambers be like

The Echo Chamber Effect

While Calandra's advocacy for a safer and more respectful gaming community is, on the surface, commendable; his actions fly directly in the face of the attempt at any goodwill. Calandra's own conduct has been nothing short of abhorrent, as he's encouraged actions like doxxing, professional sabotage, threatened violence, and more on anyone who dares question his ideologies.

Through it all, the gaming community is typically quite resilient, and with an honest turn around and coming to grips with reality, apologizing for those he attacked, and makling strides to become a better person, the community for the most part, may eventually come to forgive his transgressions. But... No.

He never so much as apologized, nevermind take any accountability whatsoever. Instead, he’s laid low, waited for the social media storm to clear, and then attempted to take the high ground. The same tried and true formula we've seen so many times from egotistical maniacs.

We don’t forget, Nick. We WON'T forget.

The serious actions he's taken paint a picture of hypocrisy, where Calandra’s public condemnation of harassment contrasts sharply with his private encouragement of even WORSE behavior. The things I've been doing is not harassment. It's called 'criticism'. Learn the difference. Stop crying.

Let's revisit a quick reminder of a few of the horrific things this dude has done over JUST the past couple of months...

THIS is not criticism. This is actual harassment, or even worse...

  • Encouraged his Discord to dig up dirt on @Grummz and potentially lead to doxing him (thx @Pandacausal)

  • Encouraged his Twitter followers to mass report my website to the host and have the domain taken down:

  • On his discord, he called for physical violence against these kinds of people (Thx ThatParkPlace).

Nick would like the community to forget about this stuff, and bemoan just how awful folks like myself are. Folks that don't resort to tactics like those mentioned above... Because remembering who Nick is would destroy his narrative. The greater gaming community at large just isn't having it with him anymore...

His horrific actions raise important questions about the responsibility of influencers in the gaming industry. The echo chamber effect, where only like-minded opinions are amplified, can skew public perception and accountability. In Calandra’s case, it represents a significant failure in holding influential figures accountable, allowing them to manipulate narratives without facing repercussions for their actions.

Honestly, with all the horrible things he's done, I'm shocked Second Wind has stuck by his side... But that's their choice, and unlike Nick, I would never encourage people to actively try to ruin his life.

He's doing a fine job at that all on his own...

The Broader Impact on the Gaming Community

The dual nature of Calandra's public and alleged private actions contributes to a larger conversation about the ethical responsibilities of those in power within the gaming industry. It's crucial for influencers and industry leaders to lead by example, promoting not only the welfare of developers and creators but also fostering a community that truly respects open and honest discourse.

Blocking everyone who disagrees, privatizing your Twitter, and directing followers to actively ruin the competition's livelihoods is scum of the earth type material, and crying about how the pressures of social media coming back to you falls on deaf ears. You are not a good person Nick. The community has given you every opportunity to change or show otherwise.

The gaming community deserves a space where constructive criticism and dialogue are encouraged, not stifled through fear, silencing, or harassment. As such, we must strive for transparency and hold its prominent figures accountable, ensuring that actions align with public statements. THIS is why #KotakuDetetcted was created. This is why you are listed there. Only through genuine effort and consistent behavior can the gaming community hope to combat the toxicity that plagues its platforms. Take accountability for your actions.

Nick Calandra's actions fly in the face of progress, and the battle against online harassment must begin with individuals who practice what they preach. We must remain vigilant, always questioning and critiquing the actions of its leaders to ensure that the path toward positive change is genuine and not marred by hidden agendas.

This is not harassment, nor is it criticism.

It's simply, reality.


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"We're losing a lot of talented people with interesting things to say, who feel like they can't even communicate with their won audience because these people just make every interaction hell for them."

oh please. Untalented people always complain when you call them out. I can already tell, you salivate over your Starbucks jerk sessions.

Synes godt om

01. jul.

Nick gives chronic bed-wetter vibes, and I-was-always-picked-last vibes. So him constantly projecting, victimizing himself, and attacking all seem legit and justified with his warped self. Moral compass be damned.

Synes godt om

I can’t imagine this guy wearing that hat, walking a few blocks to Little Caesar’s arena without taking a random beating for embarrassing other Red Wing fans, for being associated with them.

Synes godt om

Interesting how Nick Calandra seems to enjoy lying all about this whole situation that is going on in the gaming community. He clearly can't seem to tell the REAL truth to why the game devs are bothered by this whole ordeal ? He says it's due to the gamers causing the problem,but we all know that, that is a flat out LIE. It is the Woke, LGBTQ, and trans activist communities that are puting the squeeze on gaming companies and forcing most to keep their mouths shut because if they don't,then they could get ostrisized or even be cancelled themselves and that is the REAL truth. It's due to these Terrorists communities that are using terror tactics to get obedienc…

Synes godt om

I don't like the doxxing of people (now please dox this guy).

People shouldn't harass people (now please report this guy).

I don't condone violence (I will punch you).


What an A-hole. I'm sorry, but I see nothing but human garbage in this guy.

Synes godt om
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