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Nick 'Comrade' Calandra's Hypocrisy on Full Display In Wild Side Scrollers Appearance

Nick Calandra's Misstep on Side Scrollers: Continued Clashing with the Gaming Community

First off, huge thanks to Stuttering Craig, Blabs, and Melonie Mac for an entertaining conversation. I also want to give Nick Calandra credit for taking the time to appear on the show. While some may view his appearance as pure narcissism, I'd rather try and give the benefit of the doubt, that he... at least "in theory" wanted to try to defend his stance on attacking Craig's endeavor of creating his own game award show.

It's also important to note that Craig wanted to have me on as well to discuss Nick's attacks against me, my website, and my career... But Nick refused. Worried that it would turn into a situation where he got 'piled-on'.

Ok... With that out of the way - let's get this on with it...

Appearing on the Side Scrollers podcast, Nick Calandra of Second Wind attempted to address his ongoing disagreements and clashes with the gaming community... But ended up embarrassing himself by drowning in constant hypocrisy. What began as an attempt to clarify stances turned into a spectacle that somehow even further tarnished Calandra's reputation. His performance on the show not only failed to bridge any gaps but also amplified the criticisms against him.

Nick Calandra's approach to the discussion appeared detached from the reality. It was baffling to see him downplay the increasingly politically active nature of game development in the past decade. For someone supposedly so entrenched in the industry, his apparent 'ignorance' of this shift was... glaring, to be nice. The conversation took a turn for the worse when Nick casually dismissed the loss of jobs in the industry, suggesting that those who opposed certain studios should simply "make their own studio." His flippant attitude struck a nerve with many viewers, reflecting a lack of empathy and understanding of the broader challenges within the industry.

One of the most troubling aspects of the podcast was Nick's handling of allegations regarding his conduct on Discord. Accusations of him seeking out personal information and believing unverified rumors were met with evasive responses. Rather than addressing these concerns head-on, Nick deflected and shifted the goalposts, refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing or disavow those contacting people's workplaces. This lack of accountability starkly contrasted his harsh criticism of others for similar actions. Almost as if he's unable to self-reflect.

Nick's refusal to disavow poor actions from his community, nor criticize Alyssa Mercante for the same kind of selective journalism he lambasted YouTubers for, highlighted a troubling double standard. If not for double standards, it's almost like he'd have no standards at all. While quick to condemn others, he seemed unwilling to hold his own allies to the same standard. This inconsistency did not go unnoticed by the audience, who were vocal in their disapproval throughout the chat.

The problem with people like Calandra is their tendency to lump individuals into groups alongside fringe bad actors. Yet, when faced with similar scrutiny, often fail to respond with the same level of accountability they demand from others. When challenged about Alyssa Mercante, a key activist in his circle, Nick's responses were notably weak and evasive.

Overall, Calandra's appearance on Side Scrollers was a missed opportunity for meaningful dialogue. Instead of addressing concerns with transparency and accountability, he came across as arrogant and conceited. His failure to engage with the community's criticisms and his blatant double standards served to just reinforce negative perceptions surrounding him. Nick hopefully will someday recognize the importance of integrity and consistency in his public discourse, or... risk further alienation from the very community he "aims" to influence. At this rate, it's not looking good.


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I want to weigh in on this because I honestly get how Craig wants to give these Lunatic Nutbags like Nick the benefit of the doubt with explaining his side of things,but I think this time that choice kinda backfired on him and it is made Nick look even more Stupid & he was also spewing the same old Bullshit that everyone is aware of,so clearly Nick hasn't changed one bit-which shows the old saying is true ( A Leopard can't change it's spots )

Me gusta
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