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Nintendo Direct Announced for September 14, 2023

Nintendo Direct Announced for September 14, 2023

Nintendo Direct Set to Illuminate the Gaming World Tomorrow

Mark your calendars! Tomorrow, Thursday, the 14th of September at 10am Eastern (that's 7am Pacific for the west coast), we'll be diving into the latest Nintendo Direct. This broadcast promises to provide a treasure trove of updates about what to anticipate for the Nintendo Switch in the concluding months of 2023 and a sneak peek into 2024.

One of the most buzzed-about titles we're on the edge of our seats for? A brand new Princess Peach game. With the princess stepping out from her usual supporting role in the Mario franchise, this title promises to be a fresh adventure, and we're eager to know more.

But Peach isn't the only icon gracing us with updates.

Nintendo Direct Announced for September 14, 2023
Will we see F-Zero 99 announced?

Mario and his eclectic group of pals will be lighting up our screens in various avatars:

  • A remastered journey awaits with the Super Mario RPG remake. For those of us who have played and cherished the original, this promises nostalgia and novelty rolled into one.

  • The eerie halls of the Luigi's Mansion 2 are being ported, allowing fans of the green-clad plumber to engage in more ghostly encounters.

  • Get ready for wacky mini-games, as a brand-new WarioWare installment is set to drop. Knowing Wario, it's bound to be full of unpredictable hilarity.

  • The piece de resistance might just be the visually dazzling Super Mario Bros. Wonder. While we have just a hint of what's to come, the anticipation is sky-high.

With such a stellar lineup, this holiday season could potentially be a grand farewell fiesta for the Nintendo Switch. Rumor mills have been churning with whispers of a brand new console offering from Nintendo, set to make its grand debut in 2024. If these rumors hold water, we're looking at an exciting transition phase for the gaming giant.

Wondering where to catch all this action live? The Nintendo Direct will be broadcasted across standard platforms. For further information and a seamless viewing link, make sure to check out the latest tweet from Nintendo's official account.

Gear up! Tomorrow is poised to be an exciting day in the world of Nintendo! 🎮🌟


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