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Nintendo Direct May Hold Surprise for Fans of F-Zero

Nintendo enthusiasts, gear up! There's a whisper on the wind that suggests a classic game series might make a triumphant return during the next Nintendo Direct presentation.

Nintendo is no stranger to surprises, especially during their September Direct streams. This year seems no different, with hints pointing to the possible revival of an old favorite. But which one?

Nintendo Direct May Hold Surprise for Fans of F-Zero
Is a new F-Zero announcement (finally) here?

Twitter user Pyoro, who has previously been spot-on with Nintendo leaks, recently dropped a cryptic hint, teasing:

“Let's just say fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct”

For the uninitiated, MATLAB is a high-octane platform used by engineers and scientists. But what does MATLAB have to do with Nintendo? Keen-eyed users on Resetera have joined the dots: Pyoro may be hinting at MATLAB's 'fzero' function.

If these speculations hold water, this could mean the return of F-Zero, a game that has not seen a new release in nearly two decades. The last iteration, F-Zero Climax on the GBA, hit shelves 19 years ago, leaving fans hungry for more.

Nintendo's own Takaya Imamura, the visionary behind F-Zero’s iconic designs, commented in 2021 that while the series is not dead, resurrecting it posed challenges. In a candid conversation with VGC later that year, after parting ways with Nintendo, Imamura expressed his hope of seeing F-Zero handed over to a third-party developer. He stated, "Just look at the success of Donkey Kong Country."

Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creative force behind Yakuza and producer of F-Zero GX, also chimed in, suggesting he'd embrace the opportunity to work on the F-Zero series again if given the chance.

Despite all these hints and winks, it's important to remember that Nintendo has yet to confirm any upcoming Direct presentation for September. However, given their history of September reveals, fans are keeping their fingers crossed and their eyes peeled.

So, will the long-standing void left by F-Zero finally be filled? Only time, and perhaps the next Nintendo Direct, will tell.


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