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Parenthood is Now a "Disability"?

According to Alanah Pearce it is... I guess?

Balancing the roles of being a parent and a gamer in the modern era is a challenging endeavor. The demands of parenting require constant attention, adaptability, and patience, while the immersive world of gaming offers a necessary respite and a chance to unwind.

These two worlds often clash, turning seemingly simple activities into complex juggling acts. From finding time to game without interruptions to managing the financial and emotional pressures of parenthood, parents who are also gamers have to navigate a landscape that's often not designed to accommodate their dual roles. Alanah Pearce recently made a video with her take.

In a recent Twitter exchange, Alexx (@OhNoItsAlexx), was in disbelief at the idea that playing a game while having a child could be likened to a disability... and also made a video reaction to Alanah.

Alanah Pearce (@Charalanahzard) reacted with how "having a kid can be considered a "situational disability" where accessibility is concerned!" and inaddition to her video, QT Alexx and said the following:

On the surface, this all brings up a significant issue facing many parents today – the challenges of balancing parenthood with other aspects of life, including leisurely activities like gaming.

The Reality of Parenthood

Being an adult is hard, there is no easy mode (short of an infinite money glitch IRL) and adding children into the mix amplifies the complexity. Parenthood requires constant attention, energy, and adaptability. For example, the simple act of pausing a video game because your child needs immediate attention can be a significant challenge if the game lacks a pause feature. This seemingly minor inconvenience illustrates a broader issue: not every game is designed with the needs of parents in mind... and you know what? That's perfectly ok.

Alanah brings up an example of needing a pause button in a game like Elden Ring because a three-year-old might be walking around with a fork, ready to stick it in an outlet, which is beyond wild to me. It's mind-boggling to consider that someone prioritizing a game over this type of real-life situation could even be suggested in the first place... Though based off watching the news, we all know those types of parents are out there.

The reality is: that in this scenario, the game should immediately become a non-priority. Holy shit, the safety and well-being of a child always comes first. If someone finds themselves unable to step away from a game in such a critical moment, it’s a sign that help or a serious reassessment of priorities is needed STAT.

Gaming, while a valuable form of entertainment and stress relief, is not meant for everyone, especially if it compromises real-life responsibilities and safety. This is exactly why I have yet to play Elden Ring.

It sucks, but it's just... reality.

As a father of two who's navigated full-time work alongside my wife while raising our children, I can attest to the immense difficulties that many modern parents face. Yes, we clearly need better resources and support systems to assist new parents, but it also calls for a deeper understanding of the unique challenges that come with parenthood. Among them being, don't be selfish. You do not come before your kids.

The Call for Accountability

I'll always advocate for more resources and better support for parents, but something that is often missed by some folks is how it's equally important to acknowledge that parenthood is a choice that comes with significant responsibilities. Not everyone is suited for the demands of raising children, and society needs to foster an environment where this choice is respected. Being a parent requires an extremely high level of accountability. It is not a disability. It is a responsibility. Like... YIKES.

While technically "disability" does work here in its most basic definition, it can come across as insensitive to label a loud crowd or a distracting child the same as someone who is deaf or does not have use of their hands.

~Soulbait (via NeoGAF)

Parenting is incredibly challenging this day in age, and modern society needs to do more to support those who take on this role. By acknowledging the unique difficulties parents face and advocating for better resources, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for families... While also remembering that not every game is made for every one. And that's perfectly ok.


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One last thing I forgot to say here and that is DON'T ever use that Garbage " Inclusive map" that Microsoft put out, it's Utterly trash


All I can say here is- Really Alanah ? Maybe you should pay more attention to your kid or kids and start acting like a Real parent and not make such a lame video that makes you out to be stupid ! Sure parenting is a tough job indeed ! There isn't exactly a handbook to cover all the bases of Parenthood,but you gotta do what you have to do when you become a parent and raising a kid or kids


03 июл.

I'm going to go at this at a different way. Yes what she said is insane and asinine. But... she sounds and seems like she is suffering from Postpartum Depression and hasn't recovered. I'm a single dad, an 11yo and a 10yo, I have them full-time. Their mother dealt with this.


02 июл.

Time to have kids so I can get that disability check that's how that work right? Since apparently it's a disability to have kids

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