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People Are Pissed About The New PS5 Slim Stand Price Tag

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

PS5 Slim Stand Price Ridiculousness

The gaming community has expressed collective disbelief over Sony's latest announcement regarding the new PS5 slim model. While a redesign of the PS5 was highly anticipated, the news that the stand required to keep the console upright would come with an additional $30 price tag has taken many by surprise.

People Are Pissed About The New PS5 Slim Stand Price Tag
One ring to rule them all?

What's the Deal with the Stand?

Sony's new PS5 slim, a more compact version of its predecessor, has a reduced volume by more than 30% and weight reduction of 18% to 24% compared to the original model. Set to launch this November, the console features 1TB storage for both the standard and digital editions.

However, there's a catch. Unlike the original PS5, which comes with a stand suitable for both horizontal and vertical placements, the slim model requires a separate vertical stand for upright positioning. This stand will be sold separately at a price of 29.99 USD.

People Are Pissed About The New PS5 Slim Stand Price Tag

That said, Sony will be including a "kickstand"-style attachment for horizontal placement (above), giving gamers a glimpse of the design via an official image.

Community Sentiment

The community's reaction has been a mix of disappointment and bafflement. Here's a summary of what gamers have been saying:

  • A significant portion of the community was looking forward to a reduced price with the slim version, referencing how the original PS4 was priced at $400, while the PS4 Slim came in at $300. Yet, the new PS5 remains at the same price point as the original, even as the digital-only version is priced higher than its predecessor.

  • Some users, while acknowledging the extra 175GB storage in the new model, still feel the price still isn't justified.

  • There are concerns over the aesthetics and functionality of the stand, with one user stating that the stand's design seems like an afterthought, almost as if to compensate for the console's instability. Another added that the stand's color doesn't even match the console, suggesting that flipping the console might be a more viable solution.

  • Many users feel that charging an extra $30 for a stand, given the console's price, feels a bit exploitative. Comparisons are being made with other brands and their practices, leading to heated debates on what's fair in the gaming industry.

  • A few users even compared Sony's move to Apple's notorious practice of removing essential features or accessories and then charging extra for them.

  • One user expressed frustration with the quality of the stands, citing an incident where their PS5 stand broke after a minor fall.

Final Thoughts

The uproar over the PS5 slim stand highlights the importance of understanding and addressing community sentiment. While innovations and redesigns are always welcome, transparency and perceived value play a significant role in public acceptance. It remains to be seen how this decision impacts sales, but one thing's clear: Sony's move with the stand has struck a nerve with many in the gaming community.


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