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Playables - Google Testing Playable Games Through Youtube

Google Dives Into Instantly Playable Games on YouTube

Google, which previously ventured into the gaming realm with its (now failed) Stadia streaming platform, seems to be charting a new course in the world of online gaming. After rumors in June hinted at the integration of playable online games into YouTube, it has been confirmed that Google is currently testing this feature.

Playables - Google Testing Playable Games Through Youtube
Info gathered from on Playables

Named "Playables," this innovation aims to transform the YouTube experience. Users will be able to instantly access and play online games directly through YouTube's platform, whether they're browsing on their desktops, iOS, or Android devices. The company recently confirmed this experiment on its YouTube test features and experiments list (thx to 9to5google for the information).

Describing the feature, Google stated:

"Playables are games that can be played directly on YouTube on both desktop and mobile devices."

For those users who are part of this preliminary test, they will spot a 'Playables' section on their YouTube home feed, sitting neatly beside their regular content.

Interestingly, Google has kept the lid on the specific games that will be part of this pilot phase. This "Playables" initiative is currently available to a restricted group.

Playables - Google Testing Playable Games Through Youtube
Great! An ad-filled shitty mobile game!

However, a previous report from the Wall Street Journal in June hinted at "Stack Bounce" being the introductory game for this feature. This game, which revolves around smashing stacks of bricks using a ball, might give a clue about the kind of casual gaming audience Google is targeting.

Stack Bounce is one of those games frequently featured in those 30-second ads, where someone inexplicably struggles to play, usually interrupting another game you're engrossed in. It's a simple, minimalist journey into the world of tap-and-hold block destruction, seemingly crafted to keep users incessantly tapping while generating advertisement profits for the developers.

Playables - Google Testing Playable Games Through Youtube
Will this venture work?

But why is YouTube hopping on this trend? Reports from the WSJ suggested that Google is exploring fresh strategies for growth amidst a recent downturn in ad revenue. Essentially, the tech titan seems to be betting on this gaming venture to amplify their mantra: "More ads, bigger profits!" Ads... like the one below:

Given Google's history of introducing and then shelving various projects, it's uncertain whether "Playables" will see a broader rollout or remain just another experiment. It's worth noting that Google's earlier foray into the gaming world didn't quite hit the mark. However, with YouTube's vast user base and the potential to redefine online gaming, this could be a game-changer. Only time will tell how "Playables" evolves in the ever-competitive digital space. Is this something that interests you?


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