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Rare PlayStation 5 Development Kit Fetches Over $4,800 on Japanese Auction Site

In a fascinating twist for gaming enthusiasts and collectors alike, a "Do NOT resell" PlayStation 5 development kit prototype has surfaced on Yahoo Auctions Japan. While sightings of these elusive prototypes are rare, finding one up for public auction is even more astonishing. The unique device was ultimately sold for a hefty sum of ¥702,000 (equivalent to $4,853) - a testament to its rarity and appeal among fans.

Distinguishing itself from the retail version of the PS5, this prototype boasts several front-facing buttons labeled Status 1/Status 2, On/Standby, Reset, Eject, System Init, and Network Init. Complementing this is an array of connectivity options that are not standard on the commercial version.

The development kit is equipped with six USB ports and LED indicators on the front, while the rear is adorned with an HDMI port, two Ethernet ports, and an extra USB port.

Perhaps what adds an extra layer of intrigue to this story is the clear label on the back of the console, asserting "prototype not for sale."

This begs the question: how did such a collector's item end up on an auction site? Adding to the enigma, the seller reportedly procured the unit from eBay approximately a year ago and had not powered it up since that acquisition. From the seller:

This is a test development machine that I purchased through eBay about a year ago. It seems to be of 5. I didn’t own the code itself, and I kept it carefully as a collection. Therefore, we cannot respond to reports such as not being able to start”

For those curious about this unusual piece of gaming history, the (now-ended) auction can be viewed here.

The emergence of such rare items on public platforms invariably stokes interest and speculation within the gaming community. It not only underscores the allure of owning a piece of developmental hardware but also sparks conversations about the evolution of consoles and the journey from prototype to the final product.


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