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Redfall Review Roundup: What Went Wrong?

After months of anticipation and excitement, Redfall, the latest game from Arkane Studios, A studio that is part of Bethesda, has finally been released. However, instead of the praise and accolades that the studio is accustomed to, Redfall has been met with a series of unfavorable reviews from various gaming outlets.

Redfall stock image
Redfall Looks Pretty, Plays Ugly - Image Credit: Bethesda

A Surprising Turn

Redfall deviates from Arkane's previous successes, Deathloop and Dishonored, in that it adopts an open-world approach set in modern-day Massachusetts. The game's supernatural elements are reminiscent of its predecessors, but the world itself appears mundane and uninteresting, especially in comparison to Deathloop's retro-futurism and Dishonored's Victorian backdrop.

IGN, one of the most well-known gaming outlets, received a copy of Redfall a few days before its official release. Although they have not yet published a final review, their first impressions have been far from positive. They describe the game's missions as "vanilla" and its world as "lifeless," while also expressing disappointment at the numerous display issues and bugs encountered.

Redfall's Downfalls

The game's core premise, involving the player taking back a town from vampires and their human lackeys, seems simple enough. Unfortunately, the execution falls short, resulting in what IGN describes as a "surprisingly boring and regularly broken" experience. Mission design appears to be uninspired, with players being sent on fetch quests that involve little more than walking around and interacting with dull props.

Even the supposedly unique and intriguing vampire nests, which serve as enemy camps to be raided for loot, ultimately disappoint. These locations, made up of twisted, warped versions of the overworld, soon become repetitive and tedious, as players notice the same segments being reused in subsequent nests.

Redfall - here's what went wrong
The Gun looks pretty... but takes up nearly half the screen in Redfall

One of the most notable issues, and perhaps one of the major downfalls of Redfall, is the bizarre decision to have the gun take up almost half of the screen. This design choice has left players frustrated, as it obstructs their view and distracts from the gameplay experience.

Another glaring issue in Redfall is the abysmal AI, which often fails to execute even the most basic tasks, such as attacking the player. This flaw significantly detracts from the overall experience and immersion, as enemies appear to be inept and unresponsive. In a game that heavily relies on engaging combat and confrontations, the lackluster AI is a severe hindrance.

It's evident that Redfall could have benefitted from more time in the development process, allowing the team to address these problems and polish the gameplay. As it stands, the game serves as a cautionary tale for other developers, emphasizing the importance of taking the necessary time to refine and perfect a game before releasing it to the public.

In light of these issues, Redfall has garnered a series of low scores from various gaming outlets. With such a significant departure from Arkane Studios' usual high-quality games, fans are left wondering what went wrong and hoping for improvements in future updates or sequels.

For now, Redfall stands as a (yet another) prime example of how even the most anticipated games can ultimately fail to deliver on their promise. I'm hopeful that with patches and updates, there can be a shine put on this tarnished gem, but unfortunately - with more and more games releasing all-too-early these days, we wait. ~Smash

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