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ReviewTechUSA Goes Full Nick Calandra in Leaked Discord Voice Message MELTDOWN

In a recent Discord leak provided by 8-Bit Eric that has sent ripples through Twitter, ReviewTechUSA (Rich) was caught asking his Discord followers for information on individuals he deemed problematic.

The voice message, which sounded like it was delivered under the influence of... something, reveals a troubling approach to handling online disputes, eerily reminiscent of Nick Calandra's infamous "tactics". While Rich would later clarify on his livestream that it was different because he was not looking for information to 'dox' others, it doesn't do much to quell the concerns of the community

8-Bit Eric leaked the Discord message (above) and in it, Rich states:

"Whoever has stuff on any of these assholes, if you don't mind, no one is required to do anything it will just be appreciated, by all means post it here. You can DM it to me if you're not comfortable."

He continues with:

"If someone could send me a link to that, that would be fantastic"

and concludes with a chilling threat:

"I am going to make his life on YouTube a living hell... Hi Eric, you're gonna wish that you never did what you did."

This behavior harkens back to Nick Calandra's notorious request for doxing information on Grummz via his Discord. Let's do a quick comparison for fun. Here's what Nick had said when searching for information and dirt on Grummz:

Whether or not Rich intended to incite doxing, the implication of his words is clear and problematic. Such actions not only tarnish his reputation (more than it already has been lately) but also cast a shadow on the broader YouTube community. Rich has been around long enough to know better than this...

The reaction on social media was pretty fucking swift. 8-Bit Eric highlighted the issue with a tweet stating:

"ReviewTechUSA gives a call of action to his discord 'if anyone has stuff on these people post it here'... essentially giving a green light to his discord to dox, invade privacy anyone talking about him. Nice threat... 'hey eric youre gonna wish you never ever did what you did.'"

In response, I tweeted:

"Bruh went to the Nick Calandra school of YouTube and graduated with honors."

Which drew further attention to the parallel between Rich's actions and Calandra's past misconduct...

Rich, however, was obviously not receptive to the criticism. He Quote tweeted my reply to Eric stating:

"Oh Jesus Christ. The sharks smell (fake) blood"

and later added

You’re never gonna be TheQuartering. Let it go.

I replied:

Was I supposed to take this as a compliment? Because I did

Rich continued...

"Getting sent public videos where Eric faked being another person and finding out he has a ridiculous book isn’t a good look? Yeah no. I’m glad people came forward with stuff like that because I asked. I am not sorry in the slightest. Go make 30 videos about it, Jeremy."

I replied:

Asking for dirt on people in Discord is kinda desperate. I stand by my initial tweet, man. The Eric shit was years ago and he got roasted bad for it. Drumming it up again is weaksauce - it's like hammering you or I for the Amico... Like, yeah, its a thing, but at what point do you move on?

The entire situation underscores a disturbing trend of YouTubers leveraging their platforms to incite harassment rather than fostering constructive discourse. Rich's actions suggest a man unhinged and desperate, clinging to controversy to maintain relevance as his channel's popularity wanes... For a guy that claims to 'push positivity" often, it feels like anything but.

This approach not only damages his credibility but also reflects poorly on the YouTube community at large. We should strive to produce meaningful, engaging content rather than resorting to petty conflicts and threats. Rich's current trajectory seems more like a cry for attention than a genuine effort to address grievances.

As his channel struggles to maintain its former glory, it appears Rich is more interested in igniting drama than in the hard work of creating substantive content. This path is not only unsustainable but also unbecoming of a creator with his following. It's time for ReviewTechUSA to reevaluate his approach and remember what made his channel successful in the first place: genuine, thoughtful content that resonates with his audience.


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Let's be real: These folks see the two-tiered justice system and lack of accountability in current-day America, which emboldens them to employ similar Gestapo methods online. It's nothing to do with "fairness" or "inclusion" or any of the other supposed "virtuous intentions" they tout. It's about silencing and eliminating opposition for advancement, relevancy, and power/influence. Pure and simple.

Replying to

Joseph Stalin would be proud of them


What this company or person is trying to do would be considered Illegal & against the law and they or this person could be dragged into a court situation and if it is found that they or the person broke the law in any way,then they could indeed be found guilty and be hauled off to jail


Keep on keeping’ on. Keep lifting the rocks and expose these cockroaches as they try to flee the limelight in f their actual provable actions.

You must be a lawyer because the prose you use always comes across as focusing on legality and professional ethics that top journalists wore as badges, and new……. “journalists” hide behind to defend their now preferred unethical approach to their profession.

Who watches the watchmen.

Smash JT
Smash JT
Jun 23
Replying to

Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m just a dude that talks into a camera about stuff I find interesting haha - appreciate you!!

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