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Rich of ReviewTechUSA Leaks DMs Exposing Jay Hooft

Trust me, when making YouTube vids, personal disputes can OFTEN escalate into public spectacles.

The recent fallout between Rich from ReviewTechUSA and Jay Hooft has captured the attention of the gaming community, highlighting the precarious balance between personal relationships and public personas.

Jay Hooft, known as JKB, took to Twitter to express his frustrations with Rich, stating:

"I want to say that yesterday Rich sent me a bunch of really terrible audio messages that made it clear how he feels. I am done. I can’t deal with the nonsense anymore. I’ve been worried how this would look for him, I didn’t want to have to say anything again but I am done trying to help him."
"I won’t play or leak the audio. You can ask Rich to play them fully on his show. I’m done."
~Jay Hooft

Responding to Jay's allegations, Rich took the initiative to address the situation head-on by leaking the Direct Messages (DMs) as requested during his live stream. Contrary to Jay's insinuations, the messages appeared innocuous and did not seem to support any egregious claims of "terrible" misconduct.

This has led me to the point of thinking there is a growing problem that Jay may be exploiting the situation for drama, to gain traction for his new venture on his channel.

The crux of this saga seems to lie in Jay, a disgruntled former employee attempting to leverage a minor disagreement to tarnish the reputation of an established figure within the gaming community. While Rich is by no means completely absolved of all blame (believe me), as no interaction is entirely one-sided, the evidence presented thus far suggests that the issue might have been blown out of proportion.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of online reputations and the speed at which misunderstandings can escalate in the public eye. Both parties, to some extent, may have mishandled the situation, resulting in a spectacle that detracts from their professional achievements and the broader gaming discourse.

Rich will come back from this. He always does. Jay on the other hand, will need to prove he has what it takes to keep going. Manufacturing drama will only get you so far.


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Once again, ego overtaking when to leave the past as the past. Big reason why I'd not "work" with other YouTubers directly, feels like the grind always takes over someone's personality and empathy; plus these guys should have learned when to quit bringing each other's audiences into their shouting matches. Done with both their BS at this point.

Me gusta
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