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Space Ace Replicade: An Arcade Collector's Dream

New Wave Toys has really outdone themselves... Again.

The Space Ace Replicade Arcade by New Wave Toys is a modern-day tribute to the legendary Space Ace LaserDisc arcade game, offering an authentic, miniature, and playable replica of the original cabinet. Designed with collectors in mind, the Space Ace x RepliCade combines the charm of classic arcade gaming with cutting-edge technology and premium construction materials. In this review, we'll dive into the details of this incredible 1/6th scale arcade cabinet and discuss why it's a must-have for any retro gaming enthusiast or collector.

Space Ace Arcade's Design and Construction

New Wave Toys has once again left no stone unturned in their quest to create a faithful reproduction of the original Space Ace arcade cabinet. The wooden cabinet, illuminated marquee, control panel with PlayScale controls, diecast metal coin door with a secret stash box, and professionally reproduced cabinet artwork are all stunningly accurate. As a delightful bonus, New Wave Toys has also included a replica 2nd Generation LaserDisc Player in 1/6th scale, complete with a miniature LaserDisc and paper sleeve.

Space Ace X Replicade: Standard Edition
Space Ace X Replicade: Standard Edition

Space Ace X Replicade: Conversion Kit Edition
Space Ace X Replicade: Conversion Kit Edition

PlayScale Controls

One of the most crucial aspects of any arcade cabinet is its controls, and the Space Ace x RepliCade delivers on this front. The custom-made controllers skillfully blend modern technology with classic control schemes to recreate arcade-accurate functionality at a 1/6 scale size. The PlayScale joystick and arcade buttons are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide a genuinely satisfying gameplay experience in a collectible size. It also includes 4 replaceable knobs for the control stick in multiple colors to personalize the unit to your content!

Audio That Really Kicks

The Space Ace Replicade Arcade goes above and beyond in delivering a truly immersive audio experience. Featuring amplified multi-speaker audio reproduction, the cabinet packs a powerful punch, replicating the feeling of walking into an actual arcade. The booming sound resonates from the speakers, adding to the authenticity of the gameplay and further transporting you back to the golden age of arcade gaming. Whether you're battling baddies or simply enjoying the iconic voice overs, the Space Ace x RepliCade's impressive audio quality will keep you engaged and entertained, proving that this miniature arcade cabinet is more than just a visual treat.

Authentic Gameplay

The Space Ace x RepliCade runs on the Daphne emulator and features the original arcade ROM, ensuring an authentic gaming experience. The fully functional digital scoreboard with skill level indicator adds an extra layer of immersion to your gameplay. HDTV connectivity with screen mirroring allows you to enjoy the game on a larger screen, while the replica LDV1000 Mini LaserDisc player prop adds a touch of nostalgia. This company always seems to go the extra mile with the added extras!

Officially Licensed

This miniaturized arcade cabinet is officially licensed by Digital Leisure and Dragon's Lair LLC, ensuring that you're getting an authentic product that respects the original creators' work. The original cabinet artwork and arcade ROM from the arcade classic Space Ace make this replica a collector's dream.

Additional Details (from the manufacturer)


  • Plays the original 1983 Space Ace LaserDisc arcade game running on Daphne emulator

  • Cinematronics branded digital scoreboard displays skill level, players’ scores, lives and credits

  • Traditional 4:3 Aspect Ratio on a gorgeous 4.2-inch screen

  • Arcade Operator’s Menu featuring dip switch settings and cabinet controls

  • Miniaturized 1/6 scale control panel featuring authentic ball-top joystick, action and skill-level select buttons

  • Cabinet constructed from premium materials: wood, metal, and plastic

  • Cinematroncs raised letter metal coin door with storage compartment

  • Illuminated marquee and LED cabinet accents

  • Signature amplified multi-speaker audio reproduction with volume control

  • High-resolution cabinet art reproduction on quality 3M vinyl overlays

  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery

  • HDTV Connectivity with Screen Mirroring

  • USB Controller Support

  • LDV1000 Mini commercial grade LaserDisc player replica with rear cab storage drawer

  • Officially licensed by Digital Leisure

  • 100-Day New Wave Factory Warranty


  • Prop replica LDV1000 Mini LaserDisc Player

  • Prop replica Space Ace LaserDisc & Sleeve

  • Micro USB Charge Cable

  • Replica Operator’s Manual

  • Space Ace Mini Poster

  • 4x Mini Tokens

Preorder Info

Space Ace X Replicade - $169.99 MSRP

Love These Arcades!

If you grew up with nostalgia for this arcade, the Space Ace Replicade Arcades by New Wave Toys are a must-have. Their incredible attention to detail, premium construction materials, and authentic gameplay make them a fantastic addition to a collection. Whether you're looking to relive the nostalgia of the original Space Ace or want a unique, playable conversation piece for your bookshelf, bar, or desk, the Space Ace x RepliCade delivers in spades.

Thanks again to New Wave Toys for providing this unit to Smash JT for review!


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