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Street Fighter 6 Review Roundup: Total KNOCKOUT!

Unbelievably high scores in this 'Street Fighter 6 Review Roundup' make this the MUST PLAY fighter of 2023.

Guile and Street Fighter 6 Review Roundup: Total KNOCKOUT!
Guile agrees. Street Fighter 6 is a BEAST.

The fighting game scene is no stranger to bold and innovative steps, but the recent release of Street Fighter 6 has catapulted the genre to unprecedented heights. From its diverse character roster to its audacious online Battle Hub and meticulously crafted fighting mechanics, Street Fighter 6 is a knockout. It may take several swings in different directions, but when it hits, it delivers an uppercut punch that resonates throughout the gaming community.

Street Fighter 6 comes as a stark contrast to its predecessor, Street Fighter 5. It offers a satisfyingly complete package from the get-go, characterized by a robust roster of 18 characters. These characters, both new and returning fighters, are rendered in a striking new art style that adds vibrancy and depth to their iconic personalities.

Street Fighter games have always been a defining touchstone for the 2D fighting game genre, and Street Fighter 6 is no different. What sets it apart, however, is the addition of the Drive System – a unique mechanic that stands as the series' best to date. This system grants each character access to five powerful abilities, all governed by their Drive Gauge. These include Overdrive special moves, Drive Rush, Drive Parry, Drive Reversals, and Drive Impact, adding a complex layer of strategy and meter management that will captivate both veterans and newcomers alike.

The inclusion of the Modern Control style and the Dynamic control scheme ensures that the game remains accessible to all players. The Modern Control style simplifies the execution of special moves, making it appealing even to those who are new to the genre. On the other hand, the Dynamic control scheme, albeit only usable offline, grants beginners a user-friendly experience by letting the AI choose the attacks.

Street Fighter 6 doesn't rest on its laurels of astounding fighting mechanics, engaging roster, and online prowess; it innovates with supplementary features that enhance player engagement and provide a genuinely immersive gaming environment. The Battle Hub, for instance, offers a broad spectrum of activities outside the conventional confines of the fighting ring.

World Tour of Street Fighter 6 Review Roundup: Total KNOCKOUT!
World Tour in SF6 is SURREAL

Imagine wandering around the hub, encountering not just other fighters, but a rotating selection of classic Capcom games such as Final Fight and Street Fighter 2. Here, gamers can also engage in Extreme Battles, with party-style rules and exciting gimmicks. The Battle Hub features a store for avatar customization, using in-game currency, and the unique opportunity for players to test their customized characters against others in Avatar Battles.

Remarkably, while offering this wealth of features, Street Fighter 6 does not compel players to utilize the Battle Hub. If a player wishes to steer clear, they can. Queuing up for ranked or casual matches, entering the training mode while waiting, or creating custom rooms for multiple friends can all be done without ever stepping foot in the Battle Hub. The developers have consciously designed it to be an enriching option, rather than an imposing necessity.

In the world of fighting games, it's often the minor details that solidify a title's place among the greats. Street Fighter 6's consideration of these details is a testament to its commitment to quality and player satisfaction. Per the reviewers, be it the excellent netcode, extensively detailed training mode, or the intuitive character guides for easy learning, Street Fighter 6 ensures the gaming experience is top-tier.

Further cementing its status are the practical combo trials, swift load times, near-instantaneous rematches, and advanced replay search functionality. The introduction of crossplay across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and the ability to create and join clubs bring the community together in a way that is both refreshing and unique. The comprehensive feature set is undoubtedly impressive, and even more so when considering it's available from launch, a rarity in today's fighting games landscape.

Ryu in Street Fighter 6 Review Roundup: Total KNOCKOUT!
Ryu returns and looking fresh AF

Street Fighter 6 goes the extra mile to make newcomers feel welcome and comfortable. Apart from the engaging World Tour mode, the game introduces the Modern control scheme, a fresh innovation designed to ease the learning curve. Borrowing from Smash Brothers, the new control scheme maps special moves to a button and direction. Attacks come in three tiers: light, medium, and heavy, and super moves can be executed by merely pressing two buttons simultaneously. Street Fighter 6 ensures that even the most inexperienced players can perform impressive combos and stand their ground against seasoned veterans.

Per IGN, despite the shaky story and the slow progression of the single-player World Tour, Street Fighter 6 maintains its dazzling appeal, mostly due to its competitive multiplayer features. The Battle Hub stands as a formidable testament to its online features, showcasing a lobby system that dwarfs the competition. Coupled with an impeccable netcode that has proven reliable through three betas, the online experience is top-notch. ~Smash

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