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Super Mario Bros 3 Remake By Nintendo - RUMOR

A Modern Twist on a Classic: Rumors Swirl of (yet another) Super Mario Bros. 3 Remake at Nintendo


The gaming world is buzzing with rumors about the possibility of a remake for the legendary Super Mario Bros. 3. This iconic title, often touted as one of the best 2D Super Mario games, might be getting a modern-day facelift, according to leaks from the well-known insider Zippo. The news comes right after the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, adding even more fuel to fans' excitement.

Super Mario Bros 3 Remake By Nintendo - RUMOR
Mario 3... Could it be?

Originally launched in North America in 1990, Super Mario Bros. 3 has seen multiple re-releases on platforms like the SNES, courtesy of Super Mario All-Stars, and on the Game Boy Advance. However, the latest whispers suggest Nintendo is in "serious discussions" about revamping this classic for contemporary gaming systems. Zippo, who has a track record of (SOMEWHAT) accurate leaks regarding Nintendo, stated that although the decision is not final, the talks within Nintendo are substantial.

In a recent blog post, Zippo mentioned that Super Mario Bros. 3 has a history of capturing Nintendo's attention for various upgrades and new levels. The game received an enhanced version with new levels on the Game Boy Advance back in 2003. It seems Nintendo finds this particular title too good to be left in the annals of history.

Can Zippo Be Trusted?

Community Sentiment on Zippo's Gaming Leaks: A Mixed Bag of Trust and Skepticism

The gaming community seems to have a diverse range of opinions when it comes to the credibility of Zippo, a leaker known for spilling insider details about Nintendo's future projects. Overall, the sentiment appears to be one of cautious skepticism, with some community members acknowledging Zippo's accurate predictions while also casting doubt on their overall reliability.

Skepticism on Previous Claims

Some users vehemently accuse Zippo of spreading false information, particularly regarding Super Mario Wonder. They argue that many of Zippo's claims about the game's difficulty level, style, and resemblance to previous titles were incorrect. Similarly, there's criticism about Zippo’s incorrect claims about Mario Kart 9 and the existence of a Switch Pro.

Some Accuracy Noted

On the other hand, a user named Prid contends that Zippo has had some accurate predictions. They pointed out that Zippo correctly foretold certain details about Mario Wonder, like its release within the fiscal year of 2023/24 and the inclusion of Online Multiplayer. However, Prid also mentions that several of Zippo's claims about the game's features were a bit off the mark.

Questions About Zippo’s Sources

Another argues that while Zippo might have some real industry connections, their track record is far from flawless. They claim that for every correct prediction, there are three incorrect ones, making Zippo a highly unreliable source. This user even raises the possibility that Zippo may be stealing information from other leakers to make some of their accurate predictions.

Questioning the Predictability

Others further amplify the skepticism by suggesting that many of Zippo's "correct" predictions could be educated guesses that anyone familiar with the gaming industry could make. They also criticize Zippo's writing style as being more narrative than factual, insinuating that it might be designed for attention-grabbing rather than reliability.

In summary, while Zippo has had some success in making accurate predictions, their inconsistencies and inaccuracies have left the community divided. Many believe that while Zippo may provide some accurate tidbits, their overall unreliability makes them a questionable source for insider gaming news.

Remember... Its a RUMOR

It's crucial, however, to approach these rumors with caution. The possibility of a Super Mario Bros. 3 remake is far from confirmed. Nintendo has yet to officially commence development on such a project, meaning it could be several years before we see any concrete results. And, as with any development project, there's always a chance that plans could change or disintegrate altogether.

So while nothing is set in stone, the potential for a Super Mario Bros. 3 remake is exciting, to say the least. If the rumors prove true, a new generation could experience this treasured title in a fresh, updated format, breathing new life into a game that has already stood the test of time.


Special thanks to for the heads up & Zippo for leaking this possibility.


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