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Tangible Evidence of Nintendo's Next-Generation Console!

A recent job offer from Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) hints at the future of Nintendo gaming.

There is now tangible proof that a next-generation Nintendo console is in the works. A recent job offer from Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD), a French subsidiary of Nintendo, has provided hints about the company's future plans, including the development of cutting-edge technology for the Nintendo Switch and other Nintendo platforms.

Hints of the Future

The job offer from NERD reveals that the company is seeking engineers and researchers with expertise in game development technologies. The position requires candidates to explore, define, and implement software solutions in several fields, including:

• Real-time rendering

• High-performance implementation

• Low-level optimization

• C/C++ development

Moreover, the position focuses more specifically on game engine architecture, cross-platform development, network programming, and interactions with large code bases. What's most intriguing is that the job description states that the goal is to "aim for and go beyond state-of-the-art solutions in these fields, targeting current and next-generation Nintendo platforms."

The reference to "next-generation Nintendo platforms" is a clear indication that the company is actively working on developing a new console to succeed the hugely popular Nintendo Switch. Cross-platform may also be referring to backwards compatibility.

The job offer emphasizes the need for collaboration with game developers to bring new technologies to the market. This suggests that Nintendo is not only working on a new console but also striving to innovate in the gaming industry by introducing new and improved technologies.

The operating environments mentioned in the job offer are Windows/Linux and the Nintendo consoles' OS and SDK. This information further strengthens the idea that the next-generation console is under development, as the new employees will be working closely with the company's existing hardware and software.

While there is no official announcement from Nintendo regarding a new console (yet, at least...), the job offer from NERD provides some strong evidence of what the company has planned for the future. The gaming community can eagerly anticipate the next step in Nintendo's journey, as they continue to innovate and bring smiles to gamers' faces worldwide.

Thx/sources Joey, GameExplain


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What I need to know is if we are going to have a switch successor or something entirely different

Smash JT
Smash JT

Based off this job description it sounds likely to be a direct successor as opposed to something wholly different.

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