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Tetris Movie Review: Puzzling Perfection

Tetris Movie Review: Puzzled Perfection
Shockingly GREAT

If there was ever a film that proved video games could transcend their pixelated origins and venture into the realm of cinematic storytelling, "Tetris" on Apple TV+ is it.

Tetris Movie Review: Puzzling Perfection

This flick manages to transport viewers back to the gritty, unpredictable days of Soviet Russia, all while weaving in the rich tapestry of one of the most iconic games ever created. The sheer surprise factor? It's unbelievably good.

Right from the jump, "Tetris" strikes the viewer with its intoxicating blend of video game nostalgia. The transitional graphics, rather than being mere distractions, seamlessly integrate into the narrative, bridging the gap between the 8-bit world and reality. These vibrant sequences pay homage to the game while propelling the story forward, a true testament to the filmmakers' creative prowess.

Tetris Movie Review: Puzzled Perfection
The pieces just fit.

Yet, where "Tetris" truly shines is in its immersive portrayal of Soviet Russia. The filmmakers masterfully craft a landscape that is at times surreal, thrusting audiences into situations that encapsulate the strangeness, hardships, and the undeniable spirit of the time.

The story is as captivating as it is bewildering, painting a vivid picture of the era and providing depth to the origins of this beloved game.

This is not merely a movie for Tetris enthusiasts. It's a buffet for cinema lovers, offering a dish that is both flavorful and unique. The intricate balance of drama, history, and gaming culture converges into a narrative that's engrossing and illuminating.

Tetris Movie Review: Puzzled Perfection
Building a masterpiece

Tetris Movie Review: Puzzling Perfection

Currently, "Tetris" is exclusively streaming on Apple TV+. If you've yet to dive into their content library, there's no better time. For those without an active subscription, Best Buy is throwing in an enticing offer: a FREE 3-month trial. The best part? It comes with no strings attached, allowing you to cancel at any time (that's how I watched it). So, why wait? Delve into this unexpected gem and experience the magic of "Tetris" for yourself right now - thank me later!

Smashing Score: 9/10

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"Norm The Gaming Historian" has long been a beacon of information for avid gaming enthusiasts, and his YouTube exploration into the world of Tetris is no exception. His detailed and well-researched video captures the essence and intricate tales surrounding the game's storied past.

While the "Tetris" movie on Apple TV+ brilliantly dramatizes these events, bringing them to life with vibrancy and emotion, Norm's documentary approach provides depth, context, and a panoramic view of the game's history. Together, the film and Norm's video are complementary, each offering a distinct perspective. This is one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. By indulging in both, you're given a well-rounded and enriched understanding of Tetris's legacy. The blend of factual exploration and cinematic representation creates a comprehensive and engaging experience that shouldn't be missed.


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