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Thank God Megan Fausti is No Longer Part of Retro Studios...

These days especially, the gaming community is no stranger to controversies and debates surrounding the slanted 'trans' agenda... but few topics stir as much passion as the portrayal of beloved characters. This situation recently resurfaced around Megan Fausti, a video game writer whose brief tenure at Retro Studios sparked controversy among fans of the Metroid series.

Samus Aran's Gender... Identity?

In 2015, an article by The Mary Sue titled “Metroid’s Samus Aran is a Transgender Woman. Deal With It” (archive link) suggested that Samus Aran, the iconic protagonist of the Metroid series, might be a transgender woman... Though the title for the article was a bit more.. direct. This idea was based on what they called a 'potentially transphobic' statement made by Hirofumi Matsuoka in 1994, which many considered to be an inappropriate or poorly understood attempt at humor.

According to the article, Matsuoka referred to Samus as "ニューハーフ" or "newhalf," a term with a complex history in Japan, sometimes used in a non-pornographic, self-identifying context by transgender performers such as actress and singer/songwriter Rumiko Matsubara.

Megan Fausti, then not yet affiliated with Retro Studios, expressed support for this interpretation on social media, stating their personal belief that Samus could indeed be transgender. This stance, supported by notable controversial figures like Brianna Wu, sparked a heated debate among the gaming community back in 2015. Fausti’s tweet, which has since been deleted, aligned with the article's perspective, highlighting the need for greater representation and acceptance of transgender characters in video games. I read through the article and it was brutal. Painful, even. The agenda-driven narrative to target a predetermined outcome was some of the worst I've seen...

Fausti's Role at Retro Studios

Megan Fausti joined Retro Studios in July 2020 and was positioned to contribute to the highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4. For fans of the series, this raised concerns about potential changes to Samus' character and backstory. Samus Aran has been a symbol of strength and resilience in gaming since her debut in 1986, and any significant alteration to her character's identity was seen as a potential threat to the legacy and continuity of the series.

Not to mention, she is one of the most recognizable and strong female leads in gaming. The mere fact that these agenda-driven activisits wanted to make Samus trans would be a slap in the face to women looking for representation in the game space, but remember, apparently, that road only goes one way with some of these folks...

Departure and New Beginnings

Fortunately for many anxious fans regarding these potential changes, Fausti's tenure at Retro Studios was relatively short-lived. By May 2022, Fausti had left Retro Studios and moved to Certain Affinity, a development studio known for its work on various popular games.

Image source from above here.

While at Retro Studios, Fausti’s involvement with Metroid Prime 4 remained under wraps, leaving fans to speculate about what, if any, impact they might have had on the game. Their departure was met with a mix of relief and lingering apprehension about the future of Samus Aran’s character. I'm confident that Nintendo of Japan wouldn't allow a trans-activist the chance to ruin one of their biggest IPs, but still, you never know these days...

A Career of Controversy and Creativity

Megan Fausti's career in the gaming industry has been marked by both creative contributions and contentious opinions. Before joining Retro Studios, Fausti worked at Respawn Entertainment, contributing to the critically acclaimed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game's director, Stig Asmussen, noted its Metroidvania-style gameplay, indirectly linking Fausti’s work to the Metroid series even before their tenure at Retro Studios.

Fausti began their career at Adult Swim Games, working as a writing intern and QA tester before becoming a writer for Battle Chef Brigade. Their diverse experiences across the industry demonstrate a broad range of skills and creative influences, yet it is their views on character representation that have brought the most attention.

A Divisive Figure Moves On

Megan Fausti's departure from Retro Studios is a complex topic. While their supporters commend their advocacy for diverse and inclusive character representations, many Metroid fans are relieved that potential changes to Samus Aran’s character may no longer be on the table.

As the gaming industry stumbles through a broken society, the balance between honoring beloved characters and introducing inclusive narratives remains a delicate one. Fausti’s career serves as a reminder of the passionate discussions that surround this balance, and the deep connections fans feel to the characters they have grown up with. Let's let Nintendo be Nintendo. If you want representation, please go learn how to code.

For Retro Studios and Metroid fans, the hope is that Metroid Prime 4 will stay true to the series' roots while continuing to push the boundaries of gameplay and storytelling – without compromising the essence of what makes Samus Aran an iconic figure in gaming history.

Hey, there's hope!


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You're right. He DOES do a good job with photo selection.

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We both know these people won't create their own IP. They don't have the braincells to think of anything creative, so they destroy instead.

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