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The Last of Us: Part III Enters Conceptual Phase

Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog hinted at the possibility of "The Last of Us Part III"

During the closing moments of the documentary "Grounded 2: Making The Last of Us Part 2" Druckmann teased that while only a "concept" currently exists, there seems to be room for one more installment in this beloved series.

The journey from the first game, with its profound exploration of the unconditional love a parent feels for their child, to the second game's deep dive into the lengths one might go to in the pursuit of justice, has been nothing short of remarkable. Druckmann reflects on the narrative completeness of these two chapters yet opens the door to a final chapter that could tie the thematic threads of love and justice together in a concluding arc. He also speaks of his love for Naughty Dog's creative freedom and the luxury of exploring new concepts without pressure underscores the studio's commitment to storytelling excellence.

Druckmann also touched on a previously mentioned storyline involving Tommy, Joel's brother, set after the events of "The Last of Us Part 2." This narrative, initially considered a smaller project and not the full-blown sequel fans might expect for Part III, highlights the studio's narrative ambitions and the potential directions future projects could take. Whether this story morphs into a game or a television adaptation remains to be seen, but Druckmann's hope to bring it to fruition is evident.

The documentary provided an intimate glimpse into the making of "The Last of Us Part 2," a game that, despite its polarizing reception, I consider to be one of the greatest gaming experiences to date.

Its narrative depth, emotional complexity, and gameplay innovations set a new standard for interactive storytelling. While many have voiced their critiques, I believe that the sequel expanded on its predecessor's legacy in meaningful ways. Check out my full thoughts in the video below for more details.

Following the release of "The Last of Us Part II: Remastered," which brought graphical enhancements, new modes, and additional content to fans, the anticipation for what's next in this universe has only grown. Despite the cancellation of "The Last of Us Online," the franchise's future seems promising, with HBO's adaptation further expanding its reach and the potential for a third game sparking excitement and hope among its fanbase.

As someone deeply invested in the narrative and emotional journey of "The Last of Us," the prospect of a third installment is thrilling. While the television adaptation continues to introduce the series to a wider audience, I hope that Part III remains a game (or at least starts there and gets adapted), allowing players to experience the conclusion of this epic saga in the most immersive way possible.


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