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The Open Hand Foundation is Scrubbing Their Website

The Open Hand Foundation is Scrubbing Their Website

The digital world we navigate is often a maze of truths, half-truths, and sometimes, outright fabrications. Recently, Karl Jobst, an extremely respected figure in investigative journalism, messaged me a peculiar series of changes on the Open Hand Foundation's website. This non-profit, once known for its philanthropic endeavors, appears to be undergoing a significant digital makeover, potentially to hide even more secrets...

Originally, it looks like this:

...and as Karl Jobst discovered, it now looks like this:

A Vanishing Act: What Disappeared?

In a startling revelation, it's been found that several critical sections of the Open Hand Foundation's website have been quietly removed. Notable among these are the 'Benefactors' page, the 'About FTD' section, and a quote from renowned author and grief expert, David Kessler. These deletions are significant; they form the cornerstone of any non-profit's digital identity and transparency.

Legal Pressure or Admission of Discrepancies?

The motive behind these changes is speculative at best. Could it be a response to legal pressure, perhaps from entities like UCSF Legal? Or is it an internal admission of inaccuracies previously presented on the site? The lack of clarity or official communication from the Foundation adds to the intrigue and concern.

The Impact on Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil

This situation casts an unintended spotlight on Jirard Khalil, better known as "The Completionist" in the gaming community. Khalil's role as a director at the Open Hand Foundation complicates matters. His reputation, built on a foundation of integrity and thoroughness in game reviewing, might be inadvertently tarnished by these developments.

The Bigger Picture: Transparency and Accountability

At the heart of this unfolding story is a larger narrative about transparency and accountability in the digital age. Non-profits, much like any organization, wield a considerable influence and bear a responsibility to maintain clarity and honesty in their communications. When a foundation that ostensibly works for the public good makes such significant changes without explanation, it raises questions about its operations and motives.

Looking Forward

As we continue to observe these developments, it's crucial to remember the importance of holding organizations accountable, especially those that operate in the public sector. The digital footprint of any entity, more so a non-profit, is a testament to its values and commitment to its cause. Any alteration, especially one as significant as this, deserves scrutiny and demands an explanation.

While the Open Hand Foundation's recent website changes are yet to be fully understood or explained, they serve as a crucial reminder of the need for transparency in the digital world. I want to shine a light on these changes and ask the hard questions, always seeking the truth in the maze of the digital age.


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Dawood Saddique
Dawood Saddique
Dec 22, 2023


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