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The PS Portal Has OFFICIALLY Been Hacked!

Sony's PlayStation Portal has been hacked and now runs PSP games offline, thanks to Google engineers.

A group of engineers from Google has successfully hacked Sony's PlayStation Portal, enabling it to run PSP games directly on the device. This breakthrough deviates pretty far from the Portal's original design, which is let's face it... a streaming tool, allowing users to play their PS5 games remotely by streaming them to the handheld device. The original setup meant that playing games away from the TV was possible, but only through an internet connection, with no capability to play games directly on the device itself.

The PlayStation Portal, known for its streaming-only functionality, has been transformed to support offline play, thanks to the efforts of Andy Nguyen, a researcher specializing in cloud vulnerabilities at Google, and his team. Their innovative approach has led to the installation of the PPSSPP emulator on the Portal, a software that enables PSP games to run natively on the device, bypassing the need for any internet connection.

What makes this hack particularly noteworthy is its execution purely at the software level. This means the Portal's hardware remains unchanged, ensuring that the device's integrity is not compromised.

Nguyen has made it clear that there are no intentions to make this hack publicly available, emphasizing the exploratory nature of their work.

The Portal, which operates on an Android-based system, is equipped with approximately 6GB of internal storage. Initially, this storage was presumed to be reserved for the operating system and potential system updates, considering the device's design as a streaming-first gadget. However, this hacking endeavor has unlocked new possibilities for the device, demonstrating its capability to offer more than just streaming services.

Is anyone really shocked though... I mean, it's engineers at Google. They've showcased their ability to repurpose technology in ways that extend beyond its original design on a lunch break. While the hack is not slated for public release (yet at least), it opens up conversations about the flexibility and potential hidden capabilities of modern gaming devices.


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can the PSP new system 2.06 support hacking ?

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