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This Street Fighter VI TMNT Crossover Pricing Is Getting Out of Hand

Street Fighter VI TMNT Crossover Pricing Is Getting Out of Hand
It's cool, but... at what cost?

Street Fighter enthusiasts received an exciting announcement from Capcom recently, unveiling a crossover with the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). However, what's capturing more attention now is not just the unique fusion of two universes but the accompanying price tag for the new content.

Earlier, when Capcom broadcasted this new venture, there was an omission regarding how much gamers would have to shell out. With the TMNT content now up and running in Street Fighter 6, the details on its pricing are out, and they're raising eyebrows.

For the uninitiated, here's a breakdown:

  • Players have the option to purchase full Turtle outfits for their game avatar. These outfits are priced at 750 Fighter Coins each, the premium in-game currency.

  • If a player is keen only on the colorful Turtle masks, they can get them for 250 Fighter Coins apiece.

  • Additionally, the game offers TMNT-themed sticker sets (100 Fighter Coins), taunts (250 Fighter Coins), in-game camera frames (100 Fighter Coins), and device wallpapers (100 Fighter Coins), bringing the entire package to a collective cost of 5300 Fighter Coins.

To put this into perspective, the entire collection of TMNT content sets you back by $99.98 (USD). This cost, interestingly, surpasses the game's original price tag of $59.99. For those interested in acquiring just one Turtle costume, it would come out to be $14.97, considering the Fighter Coin bundles available.

Now, before players jump in excitement thinking these costumes convert their characters into the Ninja Turtles, here's a caveat: these are merely skins for the player's avatar, primarily utilized in the game's World Tour mode.

Drawing a parallel, when TMNT made its appearance in Warner Bros' DC fighter game, Injustice 2, that fighter pack (inclusive of all four turtles as individual fighters plus Atom and Enchantress) was priced at $19.99. This is kinda crappy for gamers looking to actually play as Ninja Turtles in the new SFVI fighter, for an affordable price...

The collaboration aims to pair with the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem", the latest cinematic offering featuring the turtles, currently being screened in theatres... Which I saw on opening day with my son and we absolutely LOVED it!

While collaborations like these undoubtedly amplify excitement levels amongst fans, the pricing strategy remains a crucial determining factor for its success. Whether Capcom's approach draws players in or deters them remains to be seen.


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I mean, to obtain ALL the available DLC costumes for DoA5 would cost you upwards of $700 USD (give or take), so by comparison Capcom's demands are cheap.

Still outrageous, tho.

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