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Threads is Deads

The Fall of Threads: A MAJOR Wasted Opportunity by META

Threads is Deads
Hi I'm Mark Zuckerberg and I steal ideas for profit

In the sprawling ecosystem of social media apps, competition isn't just vital; it's the lifeblood. It's this principle that birthed Threads, META's ambitious venture pitched as a formidable adversary to Twitter, or Musk's revamped "X." Yet, despite its lofty aspirations, Threads has morphed into a digital wasteland. Here's an exploration of its rise, fall, and the lessons it offers.

Threads is Deads

While competition fuels innovation, replication without distinction becomes its antithesis. Threads, in its core essence, did little to differentiate itself from existing platforms. Sure, in a space dominated by Twitter, it's not easy to introduce groundbreaking features. But not only did Threads fail to offer something new, in many instances, it did things worse than its competitors. Its algorithm-based timeline, which initially bombarded users with posts from Instagram influencers, celebrities, and brands, received heavy criticism. As the timeline improved, the absence of basic features such as a proper search function and a functional desktop version highlighted the app's glaring inefficiencies.

META's claim about Threads achieving record-breaking user numbers at its launch raised eyebrows. But, upon closer inspection, these statistics, which appeared to be dazzling feats, revealed themselves to be mere mirages. Threads signed up Facebook and Instagram users automatically, a tactic that bloated its numbers to impress shareholders. But when you strip away the superficial padding, the true picture emerges, one that paints a dismal reality.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Threads has seen a 70% drop in its daily active users, with engagement plummeting to a mere 4 minutes per user, a far cry from the 21 minutes clocked near its launch.

In the background of Threads' decline stands Twitter, battered but not broken. "Twitter is dying" became a recurrent narrative after Elon Musk took the reins. Although Musk's leadership has birthed a string of questionable decisions — from pushing Twitter Blue, a widely criticized subscription service, to navigating the platform through myriad technical glitches — Twitter remains alive and kicking. Despite its shortcomings, it still offers a platform for meaningful dialogue, live event tracking, and news updates.

Threads has become such a digital cul-de-sac that I can hardly muster the enthusiasm to tap its icon on my screen, let alone utilize it to amplify my Smash JT content. Its utility has waned to such an extent that even major brands, with their massive followings and marketing might, find their posts languishing in obscurity, barely gathering a few stray likes. The platform, which promised a bustling space for engagement, now seems more akin to a vast void, making the effort to promote content on it feel like an exercise in futility.

Threads' failure is a poignant reminder that mere existence in a space doesn't guarantee survival. Authentic engagement, innovation, and consistent user experience are essential. As META navigates the post-launch Threads era, the platform stands as a testament to the challenges of competing in an ever-evolving digital landscape and the pitfalls of prioritizing numbers over genuine user experience.


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Sep 12, 2023

I still like threads, and I get more engagement there than anywhere else

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