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Tiny YouTuber Sheds Light on Future Intellivision Plans

A recent exclusive interview from Mike's Gaming Gala, a dedicated YouTube gaming channel with just over 600 subscribers, brought to light some interesting information about BBG Entertainment's console plans with Intellivision. With an episode titled "A NEW Intellivision Console Coming? Exclusive Interview!", the channel explored fascinating details concerning the ownership of Intellivision's intellectual properties (IPs) and the creation of a new Intellivision game console.

Tiny YouTuber Sheds Light on Future Intellivision Plans

Mike's Gaming Gala spoke with William Moeller of Elektronite, a figure in Intellivision game development. Moeller revealed some intriguing information, namely that all Intellivision IPs now seemingly belong to BBG Entertainment. However, it remained unclear whether this change in ownership was due to a licensing deal or if BBG Entertainment outright purchased the Intellivision IPs. This unclarity added a layer of mystery to the story, making the announcement all the more confusing for gaming enthusiasts following this Intellivision Amico saga.

Tiny YouTuber Sheds Light on Future Intellivision Plans
Is this the future of Intellivision?

Most notably, the interview confirmed the development of a new Intellivision game console. Contrary to some expectations, this would not be a completely new gaming console but an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) console, effectively a system that can mimic the hardware of vintage consoles. This approach, while not offering the technological advancements of a new console, promises a nostalgic gaming experience for veteran gamers and a unique gaming journey for the newer generation.

The console is reportedly designed with cartridge slots to play original Intellivision games, opening a treasure trove of classic gaming experiences for users. Interestingly, it might also have the capability to play Atari and Colecovision games, broadening its appeal to fans of vintage gaming platforms.

Problem is, they can't actually find anyone with the FPGA technical background to help make it...

Despite the excitement this news might stir among gaming enthusiasts, it is worth approaching with caution. Given the ongoing debacle surrounding the Intellivision Amico, skepticism regarding the brand's announcements is warranted. The fact that BBG Entertainment has already embarked on creating a new Intellivision console, even before the dust has settled on the Amico situation, raises a few eyebrows.

Regardless of the doubts, this reveal has undoubtedly piqued the interest of the gaming community. It's a testament to channels like Mike's Gaming Gala, which bring to light fascinating insights from the gaming world, no matter how niche. Whether or not the new console lives up to expectations remains to be seen, but it's clear that this could mark a new chapter in the Intellivision story, and BBG Entertainment's role in it will be one to watch.

...But where's Tommy hiding in all this?

Big thanks to TheRetroBro for bringing this story to my attention.



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