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WTF Is Stuttering Craig Doing?

The Quest for a Gamer-Driven Awards Platform - #TakeGamesBack

A new movement has emerged spearheaded by a figure well-known in the gaming community - Stuttering Craig. He's launched an initiative aiming to reclaim the spirit of gaming through the establishment of a new awards platform, designed to reflect the true voice of the gaming populace. The proposal is bold: to create an event that transcends the conventional, bringing power back to the players themselves. However, as with all grand endeavors, it has ignited a fiery discussion that encompasses various perspectives, concerns, and hopes... and I have some serious doubts.

The Proposal and Its Underpinnings

At the heart of this initiative is the belief that the current gaming industry and the media surrounding it have drifted away from their core constituency: the gamers themselves. The proposal suggests a corrective course—creating a platform where gamers not only contribute but also have a significant say in the accolades and recognition distributed within the industry. However, this comes with a price tag, a point of contention that has sparked widespread debate.

Skepticism Meets the Proposal

Criticism was quick to surface, with concerns over the initiative being perceived as a potential cash grab by Craig rather than a genuine attempt to serve the gaming community. The concept of charging for participation has particularly struck a chord, prompting discussions about the value proposition and the risk of excluding those unable to afford membership. The financial aspect is undeniably a crucial element, as organizing such an event entails considerable costs. Yet, the question remains: Is the proposed financial model the right approach, or does it detract from the inclusive spirit the initiative aims to foster?

Logistics, Quality, and Accessibility

Another significant area of discussion revolves around the logistical execution of such a platform. Suggestions have been made regarding the venue and format, balancing between affordability and quality. This highlights an essential tension in the initiative: How to create a platform that feels premium and respectful to the gaming tradition while remaining accessible and not overly commercialized. The dialogue extends to the practicality of web versus app interfaces, underlining the importance of making the platform accessible to all, regardless of technological preferences or capabilities. At this point it feels like Craig doesn't even know where to begin but he's taking money anyways.

The Community's Voice and Vision

Despite the criticisms, there's an underlying current of support for the principle behind the initiative. There's a palpable yearning for a gaming awards platform that truly represents the gamer's voice, free from external influences and focused on the art and joy of gaming. The community's feedback reflects a desire for authenticity, transparency, and inclusivity in how the platform operates and represents the diverse tapestry of gamers.

Ensuring a Balanced Approach

The discussions also touch on concerns about inclusivity and the potential for the platform to become an echo chamber rather than a diverse and welcoming community. The initiative must embrace a broad spectrum of perspectives and ensure that it doesn't inadvertently become a vehicle for divisiveness or exclusion.

Looking Forward

The road ahead for this ambitious initiative is fraught with challenges, yet it also offers a beacon of hope for many who feel disenfranchised by the current state of gaming accolades. The conversation surrounding this movement is a reminder that at the heart of every game, beyond the graphics and mechanics, lies a community eager to share, celebrate, and critique the worlds they cherish so deeply... But one has to worry if there's more of a grift in mind with this endeavor.


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This type of site could certainly tip the balance more towards gamers and their backers, which means the Gamergate 2.0 War has probably now turned in the Gamers favour and for sure the activists aren't gonna like this one bit

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