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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review Roundup - A Legend In Gaming History

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has, in a seemingly effortless display of gaming prowess, swept across the world of video game reviews with a torrent of perfect scores. It has not just raised the bar for the Zelda franchise, but it has set a new standard in the gaming industry itself. From the moment the first line of code was written, to the last pixel rendered, Tears of the Kingdom is a masterwork that has reviewers questioning if this is indeed the pinnacle of gaming that they've been privileged to experience.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Review
Metacritic overall review score stands at 97 at the time of this publication

Many moments in Tears of the Kingdom had reviewers audibly questioning whether they were playing the best game they had ever encountered. The game's brilliance is the result of a symphony of innovative mechanics, visually stunning landscapes, and music that belongs in a concert hall. It's a harmonious marriage of elements that feels like the very epitome of what the gaming medium can achieve.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not just one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch; it is a contender for the best game of the current generation. It's essential to establish this level of quality early on because even with its extraordinary achievements, the game isn't without its quirks and nuances. Some frustrations may linger in pursuit of the lofty ambition of redefining its genre.

The game, originally announced as "The sequel to Breath of the Wild," holds true to its roots. The familiar landscape of Hyrule is back, but with significant changes. Zelda is gone, a sinister sludge has infected the world, and once again, it's up to Link to save the day.

Yet, this isn't the same adventure as before. This time, Link isn't wielding the magical Wii U tablet from Breath of the Wild. He is armed with a magical Nintendo Switch, the source of his new abilities that make Tears of the Kingdom soar to new heights. These new powers - Ultrahand, Ascend, Recall, and Fuse - transform the game from a Breath of the Wild sequel into a new, breathtaking experience.

Ultrahand gives Link the ability to manipulate objects and combine them, proving invaluable for puzzle-solving. Ascend completely reimagines platforming, allowing Link to traverse through solid objects and emerge on the other side. This ability changes how players will approach towns, Moblin outposts, and puzzles. Recall allows objects to revert their steps, providing unique movement options like riding a meteor back into the sky. Lastly, Fuse lets Link combine weapons, adding a new layer of strategic depth.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Review
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Review scores

It's these new elements that elevate Tears of the Kingdom beyond being a mere sequel and into the realm of truly spectacular. It may flirt with its Breath of the Wild origins, but it undoubtedly stands as its own masterpiece. With its blend of nostalgia and innovation, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game that not only respects its past but also forges a new path forward. It is a testament to the power of reinvention and a shining example of the heights that the gaming medium can reach.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is more than deserving of the praise it has received. It is a triumph of game design that has left a profound impact on reviewers and players alike. Is it the best game ever made? That's a question only time can answer, but for now, it is undeniably one of the most significant releases in recent years, securing its place in the annals of gaming history... ALREADY!


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