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Former Kotaku Activist Keza MacDonald Pushes GamerGate Anti-Gamer Agenda

Keza MacDonald’s recent article in The Guardian (archive link) is beyond embarrassing. Pathetically reaching in regards to the 'resurgence' of online misogyny in the gaming community.

She quickly reveals herself as an agenda-driven activist fighting against gamers, and is riddled with inaccuracies and hyperbolic claims designed to inflame rather than inform. From the outset, MacDonald’s aggressive agenda is clear, employing classic tactics of misinformation and exaggeration to push a narrative that vilifies the gaming community... And these tactics just don't work anymore.

Misrepresenting Sweet Baby Inc.

MacDonald trips over herself right from the jump with:

"Aggrieved gamers on a Steam forum had erroneously concluded that this small agency was somehow mandating the inclusion of more diverse characters in games."

This assertion is blatantly false. As everyone following the situation closely knows as FACT, Kabrutus started a Steam curator group called "Sweet Baby Inc. Detected and was attacked DIRECTLY by Sweet Baby Inc. Employees because of it's mere existence. Specifically, Chris Kindred, a Narrative Design employee at Sweet Baby Inc. took to Twitter in an attempt to have the group taken down and have Kabrutus's Steam account banned, and all his games removed... That didn't work, and then the "journo's" (read: activists) like Alyssa Mercante went on the offensive, attempting to paint gamers as the issue, while ignoring how Sweet Baby Inc. was filled with problems.

Sweet Baby Inc. was created to ensure diversity and the inclusion of marginalized voices in games, a fact well-documented and widely acknowledged within the industry. This agency has been exposed for using underhanded tactics, including pressuring journalists to slander games that do not conform to their standards of diversity. Far from being an innocent party, Sweet Baby Inc. has been implicated in coercive practices that resemble a mafia-like operation.

Sorry, Alyssa, Sweet Baby Inc. does in fact do EXACTLY what we think. But Alyssa is not alone. Enter Keza Macdonald, a former employee of the same outlet, Kotaku. Specifically, Kotaku UK.

Encouraging Ignorance

MacDonald discusses the backlash against a report on IGN about sexism at the developer of the game Black Myth: Wukong. She writes:

"Just after Summer Game Fest finished, the anti-woke gamers found a new target: a report at IGN, which credibly and comprehensively lays out a history of sexism at the developer of upcoming Planet-of-the-Apes-meets-Sekiro action game Black Myth: Wukong. The response – surprise! – was to go after the woman who wrote it, while also spinning up a ludicrous conspiracy theory that IGN was blackmailing the developer."

MacDonald then advises readers not to delve further into these "manufactured controversies," a clear attempt to discourage independent research. This stance is not only condescending but also dangerous, as it promotes ignorance over informed discussion. Encouraging readers to avoid researching a topic is antithetical to the principles of good journalism, which should empower audiences to seek out the truth.

I, and anyone worth their salt would NEVER instruct their audience to not continue researching to seek the truth. Stating something along the lines of 'Don't bother looking' is beyond comprehension...

Selective Outrage

MacDonald recounts her experiences with harassment during the original Gamergate controversy, emphasizing the threats and attempts to discredit her professionally. She writes:

"I was running the UK branch of Kotaku when Gamergate kicked off, and so I had a front-row seat for their harassment tactics... searching for my and my colleagues’ real addresses and phone numbers and family members (and posting those details to their subreddits if they found them)."

While harassment in any form is unacceptable, MacDonald’s outrage appears highly selective... For instance, where is her condemnation of Alyssa Mercante, who crossed professional boundaries by contacting my spouse in an attempt to try and get us divorced? Or of Chris Kindred, an employee of Sweet Baby Inc., who tried to get me fired by reaching out to my (former) employer? MacDonald’s silence on these incidents mirror the very tactics she decries, and exposes her biased perspective.

This is why it won't work this time around.

YouTubers have picked up the proverbial baton, and shown gamers the reality for everything that it is, and people like Alyssa and Keza clearly can't handle it.

A Slanted Agenda

MacDonald’s piece exemplifies everything wrong with certain segments of modern journalism: a slanted agenda, selective outrage, and an unwillingness to engage with opposing viewpoints. She positions herself as a defender of marginalized voices in the gaming industry while ignoring or downplaying misconduct from those who share her ideological stance.

This kind of biased reporting is why many are turning away from traditional journalism in favor of independent voices on platforms like YouTube, where there is a greater commitment to uncovering the truth rather than pushing a specific narrative. Independent content creators prioritize transparency and accountability, values that are increasingly rare in mainstream media.

Keza MacDonald’s article is yet another glaring example of how misinformation and biased reporting can distort public perception. By misrepresenting facts, discouraging independent research, and selectively addressing harassment, MacDonald undermines her credibility and fuels the very divisions she claims to oppose. It is essential for we ALWAYS seek out multiple sources and perspectives to form a well-rounded understanding of any issue, especially in an industry as dynamic and complex as gaming. This is beyond embarrassing. Pathetic.


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20. Juni

What is so crazy is that I've been around these people. It's almost like they have to one-up each other on the virtue signaling for each other's approval. What a sad way to live.

Gefällt mir

Oh Wow, another brazen brainwashed/ Nose-ring cultist decides to rear their ugly head so that they can Whine & bitch about how they have such a Big problem with gamers out there whom are pushing back and challenging their so called DEI Diarrhea that is infesting video games and they are all Butt-hurt now because none of their ILLEGAL attacks have worked at all,so now all they are left with is to Lie & Deny the truth

Gefällt mir

Chuck Sneed
Chuck Sneed
19. Juni

These are the same people whose response to any criticism is “you don’t have sex” or “you have small dick energy”

Gefällt mir

19. Juni

The disturbing online misandry of gaming "journos" (bloggers) has returned - if it ever went away

Gefällt mir
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