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2K Says 'Now Is The Perfect Time to Upgrade' As They Shut Down WWE 2K22 Servers

2K Says 'Now Is The Perfect Time to Upgrade' As They Shut Down WWE 2K22 Servers
Hey, it was a good run of LESS THAN TWO YEARS

Shut Down WWE 2K22 Servers

Ah, yes. You thought your fresh copy of WWE 2K22 was good for a lifetime of suplexes and body slams? Think again, because 2K Games has graced us with the wonderful news: it's "the perfect time to upgrade!" And by "upgrade," they mean "hand us more of your money because we're killing off the servers for WWE 2K22."

The Perfect Time? Says Who?

According to 2K Games, the servers for WWE 2K22 will be discontinued as of January 3rd, 2024. That's right, in less than 22 months since its release, the game will become a glorified paperweight when it comes to online features.

"Thank you for all the support," they chirp, as if they're doing us a favor by making the previous year's investment obsolete. How very magnanimous of them. Is this a joke? Seriously - they tweeted this with a straight face:

Attention WWE 2K community: WWE 2K22 servers will be discontinued as of January 3rd, 2024.
All online modes & functions, including online matches & community Creations, will no longer be available.
Now is the perfect time to upgrade to #WWE2K23 Thank you for all the support!

History, Repeating Itself. But Faster This Time.

Look, we all know games age. Servers get shut down. The future of gaming sucks... But less than 22 months? This marks the shortest operational period for a WWE game in recent history. Just to throw some numbers at you, WWE 2K19 had online support for almost 45 months, and WWE 2K20 survived for about 32 months. Is 2K on a new diet? Because it's certainly trimming the fat, and by fat, we mean "customer value."

But WWE 2K22 Was a 'Comeback'!

Ah, let's not forget that this move is following the release that ended a 29-month gap in the series. WWE 2K22 was hailed as a comeback after the disastrous WWE 2K20. Critics were generally favorable; players were happy; pigs were not yet flying but certainly considering the possibility.

WWE 2K23: Because Your Old Game Was So... Old?

On March 14, 2023, WWE 2K23 waltzed into the gaming scene. With Metacritic scores comfortably in the 80s, it introduced novel features like WarGames mode and a Showcase mode focused on John Cena’s 20-year career. Great. But does that really justify shutting down the servers for WWE 2K22?

The Real Message

The true communication here is as subtle as a WWE chair shot to the face: "Keep that wallet open, because we're on a roll!" It's not about "upgrading"; it's about an enforced subscription model hiding behind the façade of annual releases.

2K Says 'Now Is The Perfect Time to Upgrade' As They Shut Down WWE 2K22 Servers

In summary, if you were happy with your WWE 2K22 game, well, 2K Games has a message for you: "Tough luck. Pay up for WWE 2K23 or get out of the ring."

So, gamers, remember: It's always "the perfect time to upgrade"—if you're a game company that wants to milk its customer base for every last penny.


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Annnnnd gamers absolutely will, evidenced by the fact these type of "upgrades" keep happening year after year after year.

When gamers get a clue, this sort of thing will stop. Until then...🤷‍♀️.

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