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Addressing the Latest Nintendo Switch Focus Console Rumors

Addressing the Latest Nintendo Switch Focus Console Rumors...

Addressing the Latest Nintendo Switch Focus Console Rumors
Of course its only a still image... and my oh my that ceiling fan light

According to a recent leak reported by, the next-generation Nintendo console may be heading in a direction that surprises many fans. The rumor suggests that Nintendo might be considering a departure from the iconic "Switch" name for its next console. This surprising tidbit comes from an unverified source, known by the name Jonathan Bark, who has shared some potentially exciting details on social media.

Among the details shared, the most notable is the possible name for the next console: the "Nintendo Focus." Bark even provided a logo to support this claim. Given the massive success of the Nintendo Switch, it seems counterintuitive for the company to abandon such a recognized brand name. Drawing parallels, when Nintendo moved from the Wii to the Wii U, they retained the original name, even though the Wii U didn't perform as well as its predecessor. Thus, abandoning the "Switch" name now would be an unexpected choice.

The name "Focus" is speculated to hint at the device's VR capabilities, although this was not detailed further by Bark. If true, this would mark Nintendo's foray into the VR market, which they've steered clear from until now. But Nintendo is known for its unpredictable innovations, and this could be the next big leap.

In terms of gaming titles, Bark has shared that the Nintendo Focus will launch with a 3D platformer called "ReIno Ramen Warrior", which boasts co-op elements.

Furthermore, fans can expect a Mario Kart game, though it's unclear whether this will be a brand-new version or a port of an existing one like "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe". Other notable mentions include an F-Zero game titled "F-Zero Titans" and "Arms 2", a sequel to the popular Switch fighting game, with an anticipated release in 2025.

An interesting and potentially controversial feature mentioned is the console's backward compatibility with Switch titles, albeit with a $2.99 transfer fee per game. This is a departure from consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which offer free backward compatibility.

Addressing the Latest Nintendo Switch Focus Console Rumors
Looks like my 10 year old made this image

However, as exciting as these rumors sound, caution is advised. The source of this information does not have a known track record of accuracy. Until official confirmation, all these details remain EXTREMLY speculative, and IMHO completely fake.

In the broader perspective of the rumored Nintendo Switch successor, other leaks have suggested a price point of $399, an 8-inch LCD display, increased internal storage, and a probable launch in 2024. Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting Nintendo's official word on their next console move.


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