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Alyssa Is OBSESSED...

Exposing Alyssa Mercante's Troubling Fixation - and how reverse psychology doesn't work...

Alyssa Mercante just can't stop talking about me, but as I've told her multiple times before, I'm happily married, and she should look elsewhere to pursue other options. Apparently, she can't take 'no' as an answer. Her recent series of tweets have shed light on a concerning pattern of obsession and hostility.

Alyssa began it all back when she was directing her attention towards me, not being the biggest fan of the petition I created to #EndKotaku. She let me know about her feelings on Twitter and displayed a sense of anger when I retweeted someone who posted a thumbnail that she took offense to.

I let her know that I wasn't aware of any prior history between her and that guy but as a professional courtesy, I would undo the Retweet. I thought that would end it there and we would go along our merry way. I could not have been more wrong...

Mercante's fixation took a troubling turn (above) as she actively sought to disrupt my personal relationship, reaching out to my wife in an attempt to wreak havoc within my marriage.

When that backfired, she then resorted to baseless accusations against me and threats and involvement in website takedowns, cheering on Nick Calandra of Second Wind in his organized attack on

Now, as has been returned and found to not be in violation of any host regulations, Mercante's tactics have evolved once more, with threats of legal action and accusations of defamation and cyberstalking being hurled in my direction (yes, I see the irony).

The relentless onslaught of attacks has left me feeling drained, grappling with the weight of unwarranted scrutiny and animosity... But I push forward, knowing that what I am doing has the full support of the gaming community.

Do you guys want to see a grift happen in real-time? Here's Jeff's YouTube account, which was doing paltry numbers for the last three months until, guess what? He started making dozens of videos about me, my coworkers, and other queer folks/POC in the industry. The only other time he's hit decent numbers is when he was obsessively making content about The Completionist back in December 2023. He cannot create anything of value on his own, he has to rely on other people. He is, quite simply, a fucking loser. Oh, and an idiot.

~Alyssa Mercante (via Twitter)

What makes Mercante's fixation all the more disconcerting is its inconsistency and unpredictability. It's as if she's cycling through a checklist of strategies, unable to settle on a coherent approach.

If you look at his content, he's just waiting to see what Grummz tweets, then makes a video about it. Daddy notice me! Or, he makes a "helpful" list of video game industry members that he dislikes/believes "need to be held accountable" and calls it Kotaku Detected because he has to rip off the idea of a different, very dumb dude.

~Alyssa Mercante (via twitter)

From mockery to sabotage, from accusations to legal threats, her actions lack a semblance of rationality, perpetuating a cycle of confusion and frustration.

Her most recent tweets dive further into the depths of her fixation, offering a glimpse into the mindset driving her relentless pursuit.

She is now accusing me of opportunism, alleging that I exploit her content for personal gain, or, 'grifting', all while desperately seeking validation and attention through confrontation.

Ironically, she accuses me of grifting and in the same thread, pushes selling a T-shirt about how she contacted my wife. I'm not sure if she understands how hypocritical that looks - if she knows and doesn't care, or if she really is just... that stupid.

It's evident that Mercante's deliberate use of my full name in her public statements is not mere coincidence; rather, it serves as a calculated strategy to incite her followers and potentially outsource the task of doxxing me. By intentionally invoking my full identity to her audience, she creates a pathway for harassment and intimidation, fully aware of the potential consequences of her actions. This reckless behavior underscores a disturbing trend of online aggression, where individuals weaponize personal information in pursuit of vendettas, highlighting the urgent need for accountability and responsible online conduct. The unwritten rule is that you comment on someone based on their online username, but as we've seen time and time again, boundaries are broken constantly by her, in complete disregard of any 'professional' war of words.

She's displayed a knack to try and do anything to tip the scales in her favor. Intelligent people out there see right through it. Then you have... her followers...

Amidst the vitriol and hostility coming from her, it brings with it a strong sense of insecurity underlying Mercante's actions. By fixating on Smash JT, she (inadvertently) has exposed her own vulnerabilities, highlighting a deep-seated need for validation and recognition in an increasingly competitive online landscape. She fails to mention how she continues to poke and prod folks like me and @Grummz because she knows its great for her brand, and her growth on Twitter has been exponential in direct response. She knows that it matters not if people love her or hate her, either way, it's attention.

Historically, the vast majority of people who take this approach to social media burn out fast. Similar to how Frosk approached her audience on G4, and as many will recall... that didn't end well.

Her various 'tactics' are not working on me. I will continue to cover the game industry and her motives when applicable, to shine a light on precisely what tactics we as gamers have been dealing with for years from the 'journalism' front. She can threaten, cry, complain, and accuse. At the end of the day, it still just boils down to the simple 'cope and seethe'. It's beyond embarrassing, but did anyone expect anything less from her?

As the saga between us continues to unfold, it serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers of unchecked fixation and the toll it can take. We must recognize signs of obsession and strive to foster healthier avenues for engagement and discourse in the digital realm... But it takes two to tango. Only then can we hope to break free from the cycle of fixation and cultivate genuine connections in the gaming community.


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I would have to agree with SmashJT that this woman is an Unhinged/ Psychotic little Pansy of a girl whom needs Serious Psychological help


PLZ!! Stop giving attention to something that looks like the wall of a truckerstop bathroom. That thing thrives on attention, be it negative or positive, just stop looking at it and it will go away.


R. V.
R. V.
Jun 06

I feel like I have to scrub myself with Clorox every time after I read an article about that miserable skank.


Nutty with a capital NUT.


Why does she remind of the woman from that show Strangers With Candy?

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